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Afghan Troops Remake Gaga's Telephone Vid

'I feel better knowing these guys are fighting for us'

(Newser) - A flouncy, heart-felt, risqué remake of Lady Gaga's edgy Telephone video has apparently been staged by a creative group of US soldiers in Afghanistan and sparked a pointed debate on YouTube. The video features seductive partner dances, fake sex scenes and men dressed in camo and evidence tape just (not... More »

Watch Muppets Jam to Lady Gaga

'Telephone' mashup has disco Grover footage that looks tailor made

(Newser) - The video of the moment is Lady Gaga's "Telephone," featuring Beyoncé and an assortment of consumer products . And Muppets are always a good idea. Voilà—the YouTube video above, which speaks for itself. Neither Lady Gaga nor Sesame Street appears to have been involved in the production.... More »

Experts Work Overtime 'Decoding' Gaga Video

Does it have message for ages, or is it just hot?

(Newser) - Sometimes a hot music video is just a hot music video. Or it could be about the stultifying constrictions of celebrity and changing identity. Symbologists are already treating Lady Gaga's ultra-riveting music video (watch here ) for Telephone like the second coming of the New Wave, and the blogosphere is... More »

Lady Gaga Video Has Lots of... Product Placement

From Miracle Whip to a dating site, which paid and which didn't

(Newser) - It made headlines for its salacious, possibly-banned-from-MTV content—but Lady Gaga’s “Telephone” video is also garnering attention for its remarkable number of product placements. “If Michael Jackson was making 'Thriller’” in this day and age, “he would do this, too. These million-dollar music videos have... More »

MTV Denies Banning Gaga Vid

Fox, CNN report 'too provocative' ban

(Newser) - Is MTV growing chicken in its old age, or was it all a big misunderstanding? Fox News and CNN reported that the steamy new Lady Gaga-Beyoncé music video (watch here ) for Telephone was too hot to handle for MTV, which reportedly pulled it Saturday. But MTV officials immediately denied... More »

Gaga Puts Mixed-Gender Rumors to Bed in Steamy Vid

G, Beyoncé in a lather in prison babes video

(Newser) - Lady Gaga lays to rest rumors that she's mixed gender and replaces them with visions of masochistic lesbian love in her latest eye-popping music video. "I told you she didn't have a dick," one buff female prison guard tells another after stripping Lady G in a cell in... More »

6 Stories