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How Egypt Turned Off the Internet

Other regimes might be able to do the same thing

(Newser) - Conventional wisdom holds that the Internet is too resilient and decentralized for a government to simply shut it down, but Egypt managed to do just that, and engineers are just starting to realize how. Cairo controls—and was able to close off—the handful of lines that connect Egypt to... More »

Anti-Porn Curbs Mask Chinese Crackdown on Dissent

Google blocked as Beijing ramps up Internet controls

(Newser) - The Chinese government ramped up restrictions on Internet use yesterday, sharply curtailing access to medical research on sexual health. It's the latest escalation in what Beijing calls an anti-pornography campaign that will culminate in new filtering software, called the Green Dam, that will be installed on all new computers from... More »

Brit Spells Trouble on 'If U Seek Amy'

Racy double meaning in If U Seek Amy could get it B-A-N-N-E-D

(Newser) - Bleeping out cuss words is all but mundane for radio stations, but Britney Spears' third Circus single, If U Seek Amy, (say it fast, boys and girls) has them a bit perplexed on how to censor. Nice try, Brit, but most DJs won't be allowed to play it, MTV reports.... More »

Web Muckrakers Fight Corruption in China

Freelance journalists hired by citizens stay one step ahead of censors

(Newser) - A new breed of journalist is evolving out of China’s censored media: the web-based hired gun. The Washington Post reports on freelance muckrakers who investigate corruption the mainstream press can't touch and post the results on their sites. They're paid—if meagerly—by the aggrieved parties. More »

4 Stories