Jay Baruchel

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The Sorcerer's Apprentice: Anything but Magical

Fantasia ripoff is 'the opposite of alchemy'

(Newser) - Nobody is cheering for this Jerry Bruckheimer-produced pretender to the Potter throne, based (sort of) on the iconic scene from Fantasia. Nicolas Cage and Jay Baruchel play a sorcerer and his protege on a mission to ... do something—anything!—involving lots of spells and special effects. The result is... More »

She's Out of My League Is Minor-League Fun

It's no 10, but some enjoyed this implausible rom-com

(Newser) - You could do better than She’s Out of My League, the latest romantic comedy about a hot girl dating a dweeb. But some critics give it a passing grade. Here’s what they’re saying.
  • “If you're hungry to see a romantic comedy that makes Knocked Up look
... More »

2 Stories