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US Bigwigs Get Paid Well to Push for Iranian Group

It's hoping to come off the list of designated terrorist groups

(Newser) - Prominent US leaders from Rudy Giuliani to Howard Dean have been visiting the White House to fight for an Iranian opposition group currently on the State Department's terror list—and those visits are drawing scrutiny at the Washington Post . The Treasury Department already has looked into the possibility that... More »

Now Obama Knows How Romney Feels

Kathleen Parker: His fellow Democrats 'seem to be inching away'

(Newser) - All through the GOP primaries, Mitt Romney got at best begrudging support from many Republicans, who didn't think he could beat President Obama. Indeed, "it was hard to imagine what it must have been like to be Romney, scorned and maligned by his own tribe," writes Kathleen... More »

Schwarzenegger and Pals: Our Infrastructure Is Embarrassing

Bloomberg, Rendell, and Governator all want us to improve transportation

(Newser) - Arnold Schwarzenneger, Ed Rendell, and Michael Bloomberg teamed up on an op-ed piece in Politico today, arguing that the nation needs to invest heavily in transportation. “Our nation’s infrastructure has been neglected for too long,” the trio writes. They tout the many construction projects and state-of-the-art high-speed... More »

'Absolutely Nuts' Birthers Fueling Town Hall Wig Outs: Gov

(Newser) - Birther "crazies" are fueling ugly confrontations at town hall meetings about health care reform, complains Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell. “The birthers are a perfect slice of people who have lost their rationality" whose "obsession is hurting the Democratic process," he said on Hardball yesterday. The so-called... More »

Rendell Gets Machiavellian in Specter Switch

Senate ambitions may have played role in governor's courtship

(Newser) - Arlen Specter’s party switch was a "seriously Machiavellian" move by Joe Biden and, particularly, Gov. Ed Rendell, writes Eleanor Clift of Newsweek. Biden’s self-interest in the matter is obvious: Specter represents the all-important 60th Senate vote. But the "gregarious, ambitious" Rendell, an even closer friend of... More »

Specter Defects to Democrats

(Newser) - Arlen Specter is jumping to the Democrats, leaving the party excruciatingly close to a filibuster-proof Senate majority, reports Politico. Sources say VP Joe Biden was key to the effort to recruit the Pennsylvania senator. “Since my election in 1980, as part of the Reagan Big Tent, the Republican Party... More »

Pa. Gov Says He, Biden Have Tried to Lure GOP's Specter

Pa. moderate remains loyal to GOP

(Newser) - The Democrats are still looking for ways to boost their majority in the Senate, Talking Points Memo reports today. Gov. Ed Rendell told a regional TV network he’d tried to get Pennsylvania Sen. Arlen Specter to switch sides, and so had VP Joe Biden and Sen. Bob Casey. “... More »

Texas Gov. Rejects $556M Stimulus for Jobless

Perry says coverage for unemployed would 'drown' businesses

(Newser) - The governor of Texas has rejected $556 million in federal stimulus money for the state's unemployed, saying yesterday it had too many strings attached, reports the Dallas Morning News. Rick Perry, a Republican, said that the federal rules would burden Texas businesses with new commitments; instead they should be able... More »

GOP Guvs Break With Party on Obama Stimulus

Desperate for cash, they embrace measure DC counterparts spurn

(Newser) - Barack Obama’s relationship with DC Republicans is on the rocks, but he couldn’t be getting along better with GOP governors, reports the New York Times. Why? Follow the money. Struggling to balance their budgets, the governors don’t care which party help comes from. “The essence of... More »

Obama Arrives in Washington

(Newser) - Barack Obama rolled into Washington tonight on the last stop of his historic whistlestop train journey, the Washington Post reports. Obama retraced the path of Abraham Lincoln and called for a "new declaration of independence" for the nation. To see photos of the trip—which Joe Biden joined in... More »

No Country for Single Women?

Praising Napolitano as 'perfect' for Homeland Security because of 'no family' really a diss

(Newser) - Single? Career woman? Then you must be a cold, power-hungry spinster perfect for the 24/7 job of securing our nation's borders from terrorists. Or at least according to Pa. Gov. Ed Rendell, writes Gail Collins in the New York Times, who damned his unmarried Arizona counterpart Janet Napolitano as “... More »

Obama, Biden Will Huddle With Governors on Economy

GOP participants may resist further bailouts

(Newser) - Barack Obama and Joe Biden will discuss measures to help the ailing economy with America’s governors next Tuesday, the Wall Street Journal reports, with a two-hour, bipartisan working session in Philadelphia. GOP governors are “looking forward” to hearing Obama’s ideas, but will definitely bring plans of their... More »

After Obama, Which Minority's On Deck?

If Barack can do it, anyone can—except Muslims, gays, atheists ...

(Newser) - A self-described “black man with a funny name” is now the most powerful person on the planet. So which minority group will next see one of its own in the Oval Office? Mark Oppenheimer considers the contenders in Slate:
  • Women: Not technically a minority, which means that if “
... More »

Talking Heads Talk Economy

Pocketbook issues seem likely to trump racism for voters

(Newser) - With little time remaining until Election Day, the Sunday talk shows focused on the ongoing economic turmoil and the racial issues roiling the presidential campaigns. Politico spins the dial:
  • On This Week, surrogates from both parties endorsed the Treasury’s capital-injection plan for banks. But guests split over an economic
... More »

Rat's Nest of Urban Politics Behind Philly's 'Big Stall'

Many demolitions, huge budget, no benefits

(Newser) - Lamenting the lack of progress in another urban redevelopment project, Karen Heller takes aim at the Pennsylvania Convention Center expansion in the Philadelphia Inquirer. The Center expansion has been in the works since 1993, spurring numerous building demolitions, but few new constructions: in short, North Broad Street, advertised as a... More »

Primary Winners and Losers— Beyond Barack and Hillary

Big gambles led to big payoffs, losses

(Newser) - Barack Obama may be the big winner, but loads of other political fortunes hung in the balance this primary season. Politico breaks down the winners and losers. Winners:
  • Claire McCaskill: Got tons of air-time and used it brilliantly for Obama
  • Nancy Pelosi: Pulled off a nifty trick by remaining neutral,
... More »

Pa. Gov's Style Will Keep Him Off National Ticket

Outspoken Rendell calls 'em as he sees 'em

(Newser) - Ed Rendell's incredible bluntness and honesty are worth celebrating, but those same qualities make the Pennsylvania governor unacceptable as a Democratic vice presidential candidate, Buzz Bissinger writes in the New Republic. Pairing him with Barack Obama might be “a fascinating marriage of the idealist and the schmoozing fixer,”... More »

8 Democratic Senators, Pelosi Declare Race Over

Time to get behind Obama, though none calling for Hillary to concede

(Newser) - Eight previously neutral senators declared the Democratic race over today, saying in a statement their party's “nominee for President has now been chosen.” Tom Harkin, Barbara Boxer, Tom Carper, Ken Salazar, Ron Wyden, Mary Landrieiu, Frank Lautenberg and Ben Cardin asserted, “Our focus is now on …... More »

No Deal on Mich., Fla. Until June: Dean

Party chief says hopefuls want to focus on final states

(Newser) - Florida and Michigan delegates will likely have to wait until June to see whether they can participate in the party’s convention, Howard Dean said on Face the Nation today. The DNC chairman said Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama would rather focus on the final primaries, which will end on... More »

Mich. Inches Closer to June Re-Vote

Approval of privately financed primary must come within week

(Newser) - Michigan’s Democratic primary will take place—again—on June 3 if Barack Obama and the state legislature agree on a re-vote and private funds can be raised, the Detroit Free Press reports. Negotiators struck a tentative deal this afternoon on a full-fledged primary repeat, which state lawmakers must approve... More »

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