Lord Browne

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Tabloid Paid BP Chief's Gay Lover

$80,000 primed tell-all that led to Lord Browne's resgination

(Newser) - There is growing sympathy in London's financial community for Lord Browne, the CEO of energy giant BP who resigned Monday after being caught lying to a court about how he met his gay lover. The Guardian reports that the British tabloid, Mail on Sunday, paid Browne's lover Jeff Chevalier, about... More »

BP Chief Resigns Over Lies On Gay Lover

CEO met 27-year-old on gay fetish site, not a walk in the park

(Newser) - The chief executive of U.K. energy giant BP stepped down unexpectedly today, after a court ruled he had lied about details of his relationship with a 27-year-old man, and the House of Lords decided he couldn't keep a tabloid from printing them. Lord Browne of Madingley lavished the student... More »

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