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Sea Shepherd Founder Arrested

Paul Watson faces charges in decade-old incident

(Newser) - A leading anti-whaling activist has been arrested in Germany. Paul Watson, founder of Sea Shepherd, was busted on Saturday over a 2002 clash with a Costa Rican "illegal shark finning operation" off Guatemala, the group says in a statement. The group says the warrant is tied to an "... More »

Bahamas Bans Shark Fishing

It follows a similar move in Honduras

(Newser) - Score another one for the sharks: The Bahamas has banned shark fishing in its coastal waters, becoming the second Caribbean nation to institute a ban in the past month, the Washington Post reports. It is now illegal to fish for sharks in 240,000 square miles of water surrounding the... More »

Congress Protects Sharks Against 'Finning'

Measure bans hunt to satisfy Asia's taste for soup

(Newser) - Both the House and Senate have approved new protections for sharks, effectively outlawing the practice of "finning"—in which the shark is killed for its fin and the rest of the body discarded, reports the Washington Post . Thanks to big demand for shark fin soup in Asia, the... More »

Sharks Need Protection —From People

Eight species could get protection

(Newser) - Sharks are fearsome predators, but they are no match for fishermen. Caught and eaten in soup or used in skin-care products and nutritional supplements, sharks are in danger of extinction. They may get help at this week's Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species. One proposal would protect eight species,... More »

4 Stories