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NATO Airstrike Accidentally Kills 7 Afghan Soldiers

Strike hit 2 military checkpoints; officials cite 'bad coordination'

(Newser) - A NATO airstrike hit two Afghan military checkpoints today in a restive province about 30 miles east of the capital, Kabul, killing at least seven Afghan troops in what an Afghan official describes as an accident. Five troops were also wounded in the early morning strike in Logar province's... More »

Afghan Soldier Kills 2 US Troops ... Accidentally?

10 Afghan troops dead in separate incident

(Newser) - Two more US troops were killed in Afghanistan by an Afghan soldier today, and while this brings the number of Americans killed at their colleagues' hands in August to 12, Afghan officials say these deaths were actually accidental. An Afghan army rep tells the AP that US and Afghan soldiers... More »

Afghanistan: Foreign Spies Infiltrating Our Army

Karzai blames neighboring countries for 'green on blue' attacks

(Newser) - Why are so many Afghan soldiers killing their NATO allies? They're not; foreign spies are. Or at least, that's what Hamid Karzai's office said today, saying that based on interrogations and other evidence, the main culprits behind the so-called "green on blue" attacks were from neighboring... More »

Afghan Attacks Go Unreported

Attacks on coalition forces reported only when fatal

(Newser) - When Afghan police or soldiers gun down coalition troops, that's news. But the coalition doesn't report such incidents when troops are only wounded or go unharmed—even though the attacks are driven by the same fury against Afghanistan's occupiers, the AP reports. Last week, for example, the... More »

Afghan Soldier Kills 2 NATO Troops

It's the latest 'green on blue' attack

(Newser) - Two more NATO service members were shot and killed today in the latest "green on blue" attack to hit Afghanistan. The British troops were killed in front of the main gate of a NATO base in southern Afghanistan by a shooter who has reportedly served in the Afghan army... More »

Gates: After 2014, US Should Stay Involved in Afghanistan

Officials agree on engagement beyond deadline, says defense secretary

(Newser) - Both the US and Afghanistan agree that the US military should maintain its involvement with Afghanistan past 2014 by continuing to train and advise Afghan troops, said Defense Secretary Robert Gates. “Obviously it would be a small fraction of the presence that we have today, but I think we're... More »

US Withdraws from Once-Key Afghan Valley

Some troops see wasted effort in Pech Valley

(Newser) - The US is withdrawing from the Pech Valley, the mountainous region of eastern Afghanistan that for years was central to its strategy—and the site of much bloodshed. The move is a controversial one, notes the New York Times : 103 US troops were killed there, and many more wounded, leading... More »

Obama Plans to Stay in Afghanistan Past 2014

President brings new strategy to NATO summit

(Newser) - As the NATO summit in Lisbon begins today, President Obama has a new plan for Afghanistan—and it calls for the US and others to stick around beyond 2014, the Christian Science Monitor reports. NATO forces, the plan says, will turn over the country to Afghan forces by 2014, but... More »

NATO Strike Kills 5 Afghan Troops

Allies 'weren't clear' Afghans were in the area

(Newser) - NATO mistakenly killed five of its Afghan army allies in an airstrike today while the Afghans were attacking insurgents in the country's east. The Afghan soldiers were launching an ambush before dawn against insurgents in Ghazni province when NATO aircraft began firing on them without warning, the AP reports. An... More »

UN Report Rips US for 'Inhuman' Attack on Afghan Civilians

Troops 'killed pregnant women, then beat survivors'

(Newser) - Covert US and Afghan troops killed two pregnant women and a teen girl in a botched raid last month, then inflicted "cruel and inhuman" treatment on the innocent survivors, according to a scathing UN report. In all, 5 members of a single family were killed as relatives gathered to... More »

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