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'Split Second': Stuntwoman Killed on Deadpool 2 Identified

Joi 'SJ' Harris died in a crash during filming in Vancouver

(Newser) - The motorcycle stuntwoman who was killed on the Deadpool 2 set has been identified as Joi "SJ" Harris, who was working on her first film, reports Deadline Hollywood . Harris lost control of her motorcycle while filming a scene in Vancouver and crashed through a plate-glass window. She wasn't... More »

Bicycle Accident Kills Motorcycle Racing Champ

A car struck the "Kentucky Kid" while he was training on a bicycle in Italy

(Newser) - The motorcycle racing world is mourning the loss of former world champion Nicky Hayden, who died Monday after sustaining severe injuries during a training collision. Hayden, 35, was struck by a vehicle while bicycling along the Rimini coastline in Italy Wednesday, reports the BBC . Over five days, he was treated... More »

Man Beheaded in Freak Accident Had Pregnant Wife

Cops say Fabian Zepeda would never have seen wire across road

(Newser) - The man decapitated in a freak motorcycle accident in San Bernardino, Calif., on Tuesday morning has been identified as Fabian Zepeda, a 27-year-old who'd been married for less than a year and whose wife is four months pregnant. "I am very happy to keep a little blessing from... More »

Young Motorcyclist Decapitated in Freak Accident

Driver of a Ford Taurus lost control, setting the tragedy into motion

(Newser) - A Ford Taurus crashed in a yard in San Bernardino, Calif., Tuesday morning, and the accident set off a series of events that ended in a freak tragedy. The Press-Enterprise reports that after the driver lost control and struck a mailbox, his car didn't stop in that home's... More »

Motorcyclist Killed After Smashing Into Fridge

NJ cops trying to find who abandoned appliance on side of road

(Newser) - When winter turns to spring in New Jersey, there's always an uptick in the number of motorcycle crashes, with the two main reasons cited by state cops being "unsafe speed" and "driver inattention," notes. Further down the list is "road/environmental factor," which... More »

Real Estate Agent Jumps Freeway Ramp on Motorcycle

And now the police are investigating

(Newser) - A Los Angeles-area real estate agent could be in hot water with police after he released a promotional video showing himself jumping over the onramp of a major freeway on a motorcycle. The Los Angeles Times reports Topher Ingalls, a former professional motocross rider, created the video to advertise his... More »

NFL Player Dies Following Dirt Bike Accident

The Ravens' Tray Walker suffered serious head injuries Thursday night

(Newser) - Tray Walker, the Baltimore Ravens cornerback who was injured in a motorcycle accident Thursday night in Miami, died from his injuries Friday—less than 24 hours after the accident, Yahoo! Sports reports. According to the Baltimore Sun , the 23-year-old suffered multiple serious head injuries when the dirt bike he was... More »

Driver in Viral Motorcycle Crash Blames Spiders

His car swerved out of lane and struck a motorcycle trying to pass

(Newser) - A Texas driver who gained infamy in recent days because he was captured on video sideswiping a motorcycle—seemingly on purpose—now says spiders are to blame. William Crum, 68, tells CBS Dallas-Fort Worth that he got bit just as the motorcycle was trying to pass him. "Spiders there... More »

Road Rage Assault Caught in Viral Video

Helmet cam appears to show Lee Schismenos punch biker

(Newser) - Motorcyclist Cody Munoz decided to buy a helmet camera after watching video logs from other riders—a purchase he’s not likely to regret. While out for a ride with his girlfriend in Yuma, Ariz., on July 11, he came up behind a bus and changed lines in front of... More »

Coming Soon: Electric Harley

Company tries out zero-emission 'LiveWire'

(Newser) - When you think Harley-Davidson you probably think of rumbling engines, massive tailpipes, and long trips down dusty highways. But the company's newest project doesn't involve any of that. Instead, the company on Monday will unveil LiveWire, its first fully electric zero-emission bike, the AP reports. After an invitation-only... More »

2 Bikers Arrested in Crazy NYC Attack

1 is believed to have caused accident, other to have bashed in windows

(Newser) - Police have arrested two of the bikers they believe took part in a chaotic road rage incident Sunday. Twenty-eight-year-old Christopher Cruz and 42-year-old Allen Edwards are thought to be just two of the more than 30 bikers who chased a Range Rover down a New York City highway and violently... More »

NYC Driver Chased, Beaten by Biker Mob

Crowd of more than 30 bikers chased SUV driver for 4 miles

(Newser) - What started as a minor fender-bender between an SUV and a motorcycle on a New York City highway turned into chaos after the driver was reportedly surrounded and beaten by a mob of angry motorcyclists. And it was all caught on video by a biker’s helmet cam. Newsy reports: More »

Guy Gets Bucket-List Motorcycle, Dies in 3 Miles

But he probably went out smiling, says his son

(Newser) - It might help to know going in that Barry Strang's wife isn't angry—she can deal with the way her husband died. But the way that happened is almost too bizarre to believe. The Star-Tribune of Casper, Wyoming, explains: Barry had a lifelong dream to buy a Harley... More »

Easter Bunny Gets Pulled Over

Gets off with a warning after motorcycling without helmet

(Newser) - He must have been in a rush to hide some eggs. The Easter Bunny was pulled over on Saturday for riding his red motorcycle without a helmet near San Diego, the Los Angeles Times reports. The bunny told a California Highway Patrol officer that he was en route to a... More »

Bike Accident Paralyzes Boxer Paul Williams

2-time welterweight titlist's career over: doctors

(Newser) - Paul Williams' boxing days are over: The two-time welterweight titlist will never walk again, his doctors say, according to his manager. Williams was paralyzed below the waist in an Atlanta motorcycle accident while en route to his brother's house to prepare for another brother's wedding Sunday morning, his... More »

Tsunami Motorcycle Washes Up

Harley-Davidson reuniting Japanese owner with hog

(Newser) - As more tsunami debris washes up in North America , more Japanese survivors may be reunited with lost items—but there'll probably be only one motorcycle. A Harley Davidson that had drifted thousands of miles across the Pacific in a container its owner had been using as a garage was... More »

BMW Bike Seat Gave Me 2-Year Erection: Lawsuit

Henry Wolf sues BMW over 'emotional, mental anguish,' among other things

(Newser) - Henry Wolf went on a four-hour motorcycle ride back in 2010, but the resulting erection went on much longer than that: namely, two years, according to a lawsuit Wolf recently filed against motorcycle maker BMW. Wolf claims the "ridged seat" of the 1993-model-year motorcycle caused the extended erection, formally... More »

Iowa Motorcyclist Convicted in 188MPH Chase

James Foldenauer eluded patrol cars, but not the plane

(Newser) - An Iowa man fleeing the cops on his motorcycle reached an astounding 188 mph on a public highway. James Foldenauer was convicted this week of eluding a peace officer for the breakneck chase in 2009, reports the Des Moines Register . Troopers say the speed is almost surely a state record,... More »

Cops Ticket Kid in Toy Motorcycle Accident

6-year-old drives into SUV, mini motorbike impounded

(Newser) - He's only six years old, but he's already tangoed with police for reckless driving. After Gael Noriega plowed into an SUV, police in Mexico ticketed him for the offense, as well as driving without a license and failure to register his vehicle: a miniature motorbike. The small, gas-powered... More »

Motorbike Passengers Banned in Honduras

Lawmakers try to curb drive-by killings

(Newser) - Honduran lawmakers have banned passengers on motorcycles in an attempt to curb drive-by killings, the BBC reports. With two such murders recently on the books—one of a journalist, the other a former government security adviser—the nation's Congress imposed the 6-month ban, and approved a new wiretapping law... More »

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