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First Female Citadel Grad Challenges Lindsey Graham

Nancy Mace will officially announce candidacy tomorrow

(Newser) - Lindsey Graham has drawn a potentially formidable primary challenger. Nancy Mace, the first woman to ever graduate from the Citadel, plans to throw her hat in the ring, she tells the Daily Caller . Mace, 35, graduated from the military college back in 1999, and has since written a memoir and... More »

Nader 'Almost 100%' Certain Obama Will Face Primary

He's just not sure what the 'stature' of the candidate will be

(Newser) - The debt ceiling deal has so inflamed liberals that "the chances of there being a challenge to Obama in the primary are almost 100%," Ralph Nader said yesterday in an interview with the Daily Caller . Nader has said for a while that he’s trying to get someone... More »

Primary Challenge for Obama? No Way

There's no 'coherent bloc' against him: Ed Kilgore

(Newser) - Ever since President Obama was elected, there have been murmurs he’d see a primary challenge in 2012—but that’s farfetched, writes Ed Kilgore in the New Republic . First off, there would need to be a “coherent bloc” of primary voters against him; there isn’t. Three-quarters of... More »

Democrats Who Vote 'No' May Be Vulnerable

Nate Silver identifies 10 seats, 6 in NY, subject to primary challenge

(Newser) - Some House Democrats could be in a pickle when it comes to reelection this year if they don’t vote for the health care reform bill this week, writes Nate Silver. He’s identified 10 who might face primary challenges based on their ambivalence about the legislation, pressure from activist... More »

4 Stories