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Oklahoma to Vote on Islamic Law Ban

...except Sharia has never been used in the state

(Newser) - Next Tuesday, the people of Oklahoma will have their say on a measure to ban Islamic law from being used in the state—even though it never has been, the Los Angeles Times reports. In the US as a whole, only a few cases have even alluded to Sharia law.... More »

Anti-Gay-Adoption Org Mixes Lesbian Photos

'Obvious use of stereotype ... as scare tactic': blogger

(Newser) - A Florida group that opposes adoption by gay couples is guilty of using stereotypes in its “scare tactics,” blogger gwen writes for Sociological Images . The Florida Family Policy Council used a photo of an “androgynous-looking, angry, mannish lesbian couple” to alert members that a different pair had... More »

2 Stories