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Runners and Potheads Have Similar Highs

The euphoric feeling is linked to the brain’s cannabinoid receptors

(Newser) - It's known that a runner's high isn't actually the result of endorphins, which are too large to cross the blood-brain barrier, but scientists have long sought the elusive cause of the much-talked-about sense of euphoria and calm that can accompany the end of a workout. Now researchers... More »

You Can Fail a Drug Test Thanks to Contact High

Without ventilation, secondhand exposure to weed can get you kind of high

(Newser) - It may take a whole lot of weed and a total lack of ventilation, but scientists say it's true: You can get contact highs from marijuana, with high-enough levels in your bloodstream to fail drug tests. So report Johns Hopkins researchers in the journal Drug and Alcohol Dependence . They... More »

Cops Take Dim View of 'Sparkle' Drug

Mystery ingredients scare health experts

(Newser) - No sooner is one apparently dangerous drug made illegal when another pops up. Now, just days after Britain cracked down on the stimulant mephedrone following deaths linked to the drug, police are warning about the latest legal high, "Sparkle." The drug, dubbed "legal mephedrone," causes euphoria... More »

Blotto Kentucky Man Puts Baby in Oven Overnight

Larry Long called psych ward after realization; baby unharmed

(Newser) - Kentuckian Larry Long smoked some dope at work Sunday night, came home to his infant son and girlfriend, drank the lion’s share of a fifth of whiskey, and then put the baby in the oven overnight. The five-week-old is all right, given that the oven was off and the... More »

4 Stories