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Boy Scouts Found Guilty in Sex Abuse Case

Faces up to $25 million in punitive damages

(Newser) - Jurors today found the Boy Scouts of America negligent and awarded $1.4 million to a man who was abused by an assistant Scoutmaster in the early 1980s. The jury also decided the organization was liable for up to $25 million in punitive damages—the exact amount will be decided... More »

Boy Scout Exec: Parents to Blame for Sleepovers

Parents 'negligent,' 'criminal' for allowing nights with Scoutmaster

(Newser) - The president of the Boy Scout council for the Portland area has testified he believes the parents of some Scouts were negligent and even criminal for allowing sleepovers that led to sex abuse. Eugene Grant told a jury in a $29 million sex abuse lawsuit against the Boy Scouts that... More »

Lawsuit to Reveal Secret Boy Scout Sex Files

Man alleges that Scouts have covered up abuse

(Newser) - The lawyer for a man who was molested by a Boy Scout leader has obtained 1,000 of the Scouts’ secret “perversion files”—which he says prove that they’ve been covering up such abuses for years—and he plans to release some of them at a trial... More »

3 Stories