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Sarah Palin's Hair Salon Gets Reality TV Show

'Big Hair Alaska' premieres this fall on TLC

(Newser) - If you loved TLC's Sarah Palin's Alaska, you're in luck. The channel is getting up close and personal with another side of Palin—her girly one. The Alaska hair salon where Palin gets her up-do style will be the subject of a reality show on the network... More »

Willow Palin Posts Gay Slurs on Facebook

Willow calls a schoolmate who dissed mom's show a f**got

(Newser) - Willow Palin just made a sort of political debut on Facebook—and it wasn't a pretty sight. TMZ has screenshots that apparently show the16-year-old daughter of Sarah posting gay slurs directed to a schoolmate who attacked her mom's new reality series. "Your so gay," Willow snapped on Facebook,... More »

Palins Got Too Close to Protected Bears: Conservationist

Just a day after reality show debuts, the drama arrives

(Newser) - A leading Alaska conservationist calls Sarah Palin's Alaska "a travesty"—and not because it's, well, a reality show starring Sarah Palin. He claims the former guv got too close to protected brown bears in last night's premiere, and says she was "clearly irresponsible." A clip from... More »

Best Moments From Sarah Palin's Alaska

She rock climbs! She builds fences! She encounters mama bears!

(Newser) - Sarah Palin's Alaska debuted last night, complete with the inevitable references to mama grizzlies and the fence she built to block her pesky journalist neighbor. Some of the best, funniest, and/or cringe-inducing moments, depending on your POV:
  • The mama bear: Palin, of course, made sure to dole out some wisdom
... More »

Sarah Palin's Alaska: Good Branding, Bad TV

At least haters can fantasize she'll get eaten by a bear

(Newser) - Sarah Palin seems to be out for a fresh start with her new reality show, Sarah Palin’s Alaska. “In this well-staged reboot, the less you know about her—or, in some cases, shuddered to think about her—then the better the show gets, writes Hank Stuever of the... More »

Rove: Voter Standards Too High for 'President Palin'

Reality show demonstrates Alaskan lacks 'gravitas' for run at presidency

(Newser) - Karl Rove apparently doesn't think Sarah Palin has what it takes to run for president in 2012. While the Alaskan did a "terrific job” as a vice-presidential candidate in 2008, voters are unlikely to view a reality show star as presidential material, snorts the Republican strategist. "There are... More »

Levi: Watch My Reality Show, Not Sarah's

Johnston's will give you a better idea of Alaska...and him

(Newser) - If Levi Johnston's reality show gets picked up...and said genius network decides to air it at the same time as Sarah Palin’s series…you’ll be faced with a veritable Sophie’s Choice. But Levi thinks you should pick his show, because “mine is the real Alaska,... More »

Levi Shops 'Pimped Out' Reality Show

Johnston's hypothetical series will involve 'lots of women'

(Newser) - Levi Johnston is planning a reality show, and it sounds exactly as hilarious as one would assume: The teen dad will ride “pimped out snow machines with jet fuel in them,” and the show will include “lots and lots of women,” says a source. The best... More »

A&E Wants Palin's Show; She Wants $1M an Episode

Sarah Palin's Alaska could become a reality

(Newser) - Sarah Palin's reality TV show is inching closer to reality. Both A&E and Discovery are interested in Sarah Palin’s Alaska, the series she’s working on with executive producer Mark Burnett. The show would follow Palin as she gives viewers a tour of Alaska locales (a gold mine!... More »

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