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Poll: Users Don't Trust Facebook

And they don't click on sponsored content or ads

(Newser) - Investors are going wild for Facebook, but the site's actual users are less enthusiastic about its prospects, a new AP-CNBC poll reveals. Half of respondents said Facebook was overvalued at its presumed $100 billion valuation, and that shot up to 62% among active investors. Part of the reason they'... More »

How to Rid Chatroulette of Penises

Entries pouring in from contestants

(Newser) - The Business Insider recently launched its "Solve Chatroulette's Penis Problem" contest with a deadline of Monday. Their favorite entries (submitted via Power Point presentation!) so far:
  • Facial recognition: No face? No connection, because he's probably showing penis.
  • Rogues Gallery: Take photos of offenders' faces and post them, with
... More »

Chatroulette Is a Gold Mine, Penises and All

The site doesn't have to be useful to find its niche—just fun

(Newser) - Yes, OK, fine, there are a lot of penises on Chatroulette. Granted. But get past that and you’ll find a bona fide cultural phenomenon that might just make a ton of money, writes Jennifer Van Grove of Mashable . Chatroulette has an audience because it’s just plain fun, as... More »

Chatroulette Penises in Peril

Business Insider thinks savvy surfers can somehow de-creepify video site

(Newser) - Chatroulette is an intriguing, innovative social networking/chat/video site with a huge problem: penises. A study says 13% of users are “perverts”—use your imagination—and that makes potential advertisers understandably skittish. If you think you can help solve the "penis problem," Nicholas Carlson of Silicon Alley... More »

4 Stories