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18 Weird Celeb Turn-Ons

Kristen Stewart's involves ... armpits

(Newser) - Just three weeks before news of her affair with director Rupert Sanders broke, Kristen Stewart dished on a kinda weird kink to Vogue: Speaking of her unnamed boyfriend (Robert Pattinson?), Stewart revealed, "He loves to lick under my armpits." The Frisky notes that this fetish is called maschalagnia—... More »

Hair Fetishist Guilty of Murder

Danilo Restivo a suspect in several similar killings

(Newser) - An Italian who committed a bizarre hair ritual murder has been convicted by a British court of killing a young mother of two, and may be responsible for several similar deaths. Danilo Restivo will be sent today to prison for life for killing neighbor Heather Barnett nine years ago in... More »

History's Greatest Sex Lives

Genghis Khan to Madonna, not just about numbers

(Newser) - Taking into account sheer numbers, global impact, and inventiveness, James Brady Ryan counts down the history’s top sex lives for Nerve . Some highlights:
  • Genghis Khan: When 8% of the population of Central Asia (which includes 17 million males) are your direct descendants, you did something right.
  • Madonna: “No
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3 Stories