Radio Flyer wagon

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Now There's a Tesla for Kids

Radio Flyer making a $499 model

(Newser) - The newest Tesla tops out at 6mph. That's not a mistake: The company has teamed up with the wagon-makers of Radio Flyer to create a battery-powered Model S for kids, reports ABC News . If parents think 6mph is too fast, they can cap it at 3mph. The basic model... More »

Iconic Brands We've Outsourced

Globalization has pushed a lot of Americana overseas

(Newser) - Baseballs are as American as Mom and apple pie, right? Well, hopefully they have parents and pastry in Costa Rica, too, because that’s where Rawlings’ factory is located now. Loads of other all-American brands aren’t so all-American anymore, Newsweek reports, singling out the companies seen in the slideshow... More »

2 Stories