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Homeland Security Nabs Dangerous Afghan Stowaway

... a type of moth especially destructive to crops

(Newser) - Homeland security officials in Philadelphia say they've intercepted a destructive insect species that hitched a ride to the US aboard a military plane. Agriculture specialists with Customs and Border Protection found noctuid moths among equipment returning from Afghanistan. These particular moths are severe pests that feast on fruit and... More »

Amphibious Caterpillars Can Live Underwater for Weeks

Creature may breathe through bodily pores

(Newser) - Researchers in Hawaii have discovered several species of caterpillars that live underwater for weeks at at time. What's more remarkable is that insects don't have gills—or hold their breath. Other amphibious creatures that survive under water store oxygen in their lungs. These guys don't. "I couldn't believe it,... More »

2 Stories