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Gift Cards Again? Here's What to Do With Them

Give them away or sell them, but don't let them sit around collecting dust

(Newser) - Gift cards are a popular present at the holidays—the National Retail Federation says more than half of consumers plan to give one this year. But they aren't always wanted—research organization CEB TowerGroup estimates that $1 billion of the $130 billion spent on gift cards last year went... More »

Target Had One Other Holiday Shopping Oops

A very small number of gift cards aren't working

(Newser) - The credit card hack Target suffered at the start of the holiday shopping season will go down as its biggest blow of Christmas 2013 ... but it won't enter the history books as the only shopping mishap. CNNMoney reports that some of the Target gift cards purchased over the holiday... More »

Haven't Used Gift Cards in 2 Years? NJ Will Grab Them

3 companies stop selling gift cards in state thanks to new law

(Newser) - Three gift card companies will no longer do business in New Jersey thanks to a law allowing the state to claim the value of cards if they are not redeemed within two years. American Express removed its cards last week, and yesterday Blackhawk Network and InComm—both of which provide... More »

Skip the Gift Cards: Just Give Money

Too many of the cards go unused: New York Times

(Newser) - Someone on the New York Times editorial board must have gotten some crappy gift cards under the tree this year: The newspaper today proselytizes against the ever-growing trend and suggests that people give cash instead. Too many cards get lost or forgotten, and considering Americans spent $27.8 billion on... More »

Gift Card Scam Warning Issued

Fraudsters are recording activation codes, Schumer warns

(Newser) - People buying gift cards for friends and family this Christmas should make sure that the concealing measures haven't been removed, Chuck Schumer warns. The senator from New York says fraudsters have been visiting stores where the cards are on the shelves and recording access codes in order to drain... More »

On Sale at Target: Facebook

Credit gift cards make it easier to blow cash on FarmVille!

(Newser) - For those of us who can hardly handle the disappointment of having Facebook involved in only 93% of our lives: You can now shop for it! At Target! Facebook credit gift cards are hitting the aisle Sunday, in denominations of $15, $25, and $50 that can be spent on goods... More »

Gift Cards Can't Expire for 5 Years

Feds issue new protections for consumers

(Newser) - The Federal Reserve issued new rules today to protect Americans from getting stung by unexpected fees or restrictions on gift cards. Under the rules, consumers must have at least five years to use the cards before they expire. Services fees can go into effect only after the first year, and... More »

7 Stories