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Site Lets Nerds Pay Girls to Game (Wink, Wink)

GameCrush connects lonely males to gaming females

(Newser) - A site where users pay to play video games against young female opponents is open for business, Mashable reports. Though GameCrush has been in a public beta stage since March, the site formally launched today. Players—generally, men—pay 60 cents a minute to play games on Xbox Live or... More »

Want Hot Halo Opponent? Try Gamecrush

Site lets horndog gamers pay for sexy foe

(Newser) - Male online gamers surely fantasize that one of their opponents is a good-looking female, and one Web site is looking to capitalize, making it happen in exchange for dough. Gamecrush can set you up with a PlayDate whose profile you find sexy, er, interesting, and $10 gets you about 10... More »

2 Stories