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He Took One Puff of Synthetic Pot. It Killed Him

8K poisonings reported in US in 2015

(Newser) - It may be called fake weed, but Spice differs from the real stuff in at least two notable ways: Customary urine drug tests can't detect it, which the Guardian reports is leading more Americans to turn to it for an "undetectable" high—and that high can kill. Some... More »

'Most Dangerous' Drug Is Poisoning More Americans

Poison control centers fielded 1,008 calls about Spice in the first 22 days of April

(Newser) - "American Association of Poison Control Centers Issues Warning About Reemerging Synthetic Drugs." That's the title of a strongly worded press release issued yesterday about "Spice" following an upsurge in hospital visits and calls to state poison control centers due to the drug. Those centers received 1,... More »

Synthetic Pot Sickened Hundreds in Colorado

CDC finds at least 221 cases

(Newser) - Fake pot—which, unlike real pot, is illegal in Colorado—sickened at least 221 people in the state during an outbreak earlier this year, a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report finds. The probe found two previously unknown strains of synthetic marijuana—dried plant material sprayed with chemicals—on... More »

11K Hospitalized Over Artificial Pot Last Year

Third of ER visits from 12- to 17-year-olds: federal report

(Newser) - Nearly 11,500 people were hospitalized last year after taking synthetic drugs meant to imitate marijuana, a new federal report finds. A third of those sent to the ER were kids ages 12 to 17, while 35% were 18- to 24-year-olds. Some 59% of the cases among those aged 12... More »

Teens High on Scary 'Man-Made Marijuana'

Mystery ingredients give health officials the willies

(Newser) - A new synthetic substance that mimics the high of marijuana—and is legal—has American teenagers buzzing. But the herb-based substance, known as K2 or Spice, is giving health authorities the willies because its ingredients and effects are largely unknown. It's made in Asia and sold online and in some... More »

5 Stories