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Beck Goes on Bizarre Jesus Rant

Which includes the claim that the Jews killed Jesus

(Newser) - Glenn Beck devoted his show last night to a bizarre theology rant, in his ongoing attempt to discredit the idea that social justice is compatible with Christianity. Beck called liberation theology a “perversion” that “is extraordinarily dangerous,” because it suggests that Christians owe something to the poor... More »

Annoyed by Beck's Take on Social Justice? Write a Haiku

'Hurling expensive / coffee at the expensive / TV screen now, Ahhh'

(Newser) - Searching for a unusual way to respond to Glenn Beck’s comments on “social justice,” the Jewish Funds for Justice settled on…haiku. “We wanted to do something that showed some wit, some humor, is little bit cathartic, and is highly participatory,” Mik Moore tells the... More »

Glenn Beck Backpedals, Doesn't Hate the Poor, Jesus

Tries to clarify earlier 'social justice' remarks

(Newser) - "Why does Glenn Beck hate Jesus?" asked Time. Well, guess who has an answer? After catching all kinds of flak from the mag, the New York Times, and Christians for comparing "social justice" to Communism and Nazism, Beck clarified things last night. Or tried to: Sure, social justice... More »

Christians Boycott Beck for Church Bashing

Host says 'social justice' preaching is 'code word' for Nazism

(Newser) - For Glenn Beck, it may have just been business as usual when he compared “social justice” to Communism and Nazism last week and told parishioners to leave churches that espouse the doctrine, but the comments irked one leader enough for him to call for a boycott by all Christians.... More »

4 Stories