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Business, Labor Approve Foreign-Worker Program

Group of 8 bipartisan senators yet to sign off, however

(Newser) - America's top labor and business groups reached an agreement last night over the final sticking point in overhauling the country's immigration laws , the Washington Post reports. Talking to Sen. Charles Schumer on a conference call, the AFL-CIO's boss and the president of the US Chamber of Commerce... More »

Indians Protest 'Slave' Working Conditions in US

Guest workers march to Washington, say they were duped

(Newser) - Some 100 Indian immigrants have marched hundreds of miles from New Orleans to Washington to protest what they call "slave" working conditions at a marine construction company. The Indian laborers say they work long hours with 24 men sharing a dormitory for which they each had to pay more... More »

Tweaks May Boost Guest Worker Pool

Bush plan to ease visa requirements draws fire from both sides of debate

(Newser) - With immigration reform having failed in Congress, the Bush administration is today unveiling a plan aimed at boosting the US guest-worker program. President Bush's plan would simplify the much-derided bureaucratic program, providing a reliable source of legal workers to replace illegal immigrants. But anti-immigration groups say the changes will cost... More »

Congress Tiptoes Back to Immigrant Issues

Lawmakers veer toward modest initiatives with less baggage

(Newser) - Congress is stealing back into the immigration debate. After failing to pass broad reforms three months ago, lawmakers are focusing on less ambitious initiatives. Democrat proposals would give legal status to young immigrants and visas to farmhands, while Republicans favor guest worker programs and blocking illegals from federal aid. But... More »

McCain Switches Gears on Immigration

Supports crackdown without guest workers, path to citizenship

(Newser) - White House hopeful John McCain has pulled a U-turn on immigration reform—backing a new bill which cracks down on illegal immigration and offers no path to citizenship for illegal immigrants already here. McCain had been a champion of a guest worker program and citizenship for many of the 12... More »

Immigration Bill Brings Out 'Best,' 'Worst' of America

New Republic warns 'draconian' measures will follow if compromise fails

(Newser) - Calling the immigration bill currently fighting its way through the Senate "the best that liberals are likely to get," the New Republic's editors tepidly endorsed the legislation that would bring 12M laborers closer to US citizenship even as they condemned the implications of the bill's proposed guest-worker program. More »

Immigration Bill Survives Senate Onslaught

Coalition in tatters, but holding, despite barrage of amendments

(Newser) - The immigration bill before the Senate dodged bullets from the right and the left yesterday; when the smoke cleared the coalition backing it appeared to be intact—if barely, the Washington Post reports. An amendment to block legalization for many illegals was defeated; one to extend visas to many more... More »

Americans Walk Soft Line on Immigration

Poll shows support for guest-worker programs, path to citizenship

(Newser) - Lou Dobbs, take note: A majority of Americans back key immigration reform proposals  making their way through Congress, a new CBS News/New York Times poll finds. Americans across the political spectrum say they support a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants, and two-thirds back a guest-worker program. More »

Guest Worker Program Slashed

Senate immigration bill is assaulted by amendments from bipartisan critics

(Newser) - Key provisions of the immigration bill were altered yesterday as the Senate passed a raft of amendments designed to make the bill more palatable to critics from both political parties.  Provisions to beef up security at the border  were strengthened, while the guest worker program offering two-year visas to... More »

Senate Brokers Immigration Bill

Bipartisan compromise tackles citizenship, border security, but faces uphill battle on Capitol Hill

(Newser) - Illegal immigrants are offered a path to citizenship for the first time under a new Senate immigration reform package unveiled today. A precarious compromise hammered out by Bush administration officials and top senators, the bill trades hard-line border control measures for controversial provisions like a guest-worker program and a system... More »

Guestworker Abuses Cited

(Newser) - American employers are systematically exploiting the 120,000 low-skilled guest workers they hire each year, from stealing passports and Social Security cards to consistently underpaying them. “I felt like an animal without claws—defenseless. It is the same as slavery,” says one worker, in a report published today... More »

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