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It's Time for a Third Party

Because these parties suck, Matt Miller observes

(Newser) - Take a gander at the political landscape, and odds are you won’t like your choices. You might, like Matt Miller of the Washington Post , start asking things like, “Why doesn’t the president propose measures equal to the scale of our challenges?” or “Why can’t Republicans... More »

Debt Deal: Let's Just Flip a Coin

It's the only way to resolve this madness, Matt Miller argues

(Newser) - Matt Miller has a crazy plan to end this intractable debt ceiling showdown in Washington: Flip a coin. This is no time for heroes, he writes in the Washington Post . It’s “a time for scared politicians … to walk themselves back from the brink with a face-saving ploy.... More »

Anti-Reformers, We Dare You to Pledge:

'Neither I nor anyone in my family' will use bill's protections

(Newser) - If Republicans hate health care reform so much, they shouldn't benefit from it, writes Matt Millen. He suggests a pledge: “I hereby vow that neither I nor anyone in my family will take advantage of the protections offered by this law.” He can hear the whining already. "... More »

3 Stories