Apollo 13

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NASA Puts Sale of Apollo 13 Checklist on Hold

Astronaut Lovell sold it for $388K, but he may not own it

(Newser) - Astronaut James Lovell may not have made a small fortune after all by selling his checklist and notes from the almost-disastrous Apollo 13 mission (the one made famous in the Tom Hanks movie of the same name). The list, along with handwritten calculations by Lovell, fetched $388,000 at auction... More »

OK, Tom Hanks, Get Off WWII Already

Private Ryan , Band of Brothers, The Pacific ... yeesh

(Newser) - Please, please, please, Tom Hanks, no more World War II stuff, OK? That plea is from Brian Donovan, who points out that, among Saving Private Ryan, Band of Brothers, and The Pacific, “it is entirely possible that Tom Hanks has spent more time making entertainment about World War II... More »

2 Stories