Stephanie Herseth Sandlin

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Democrats Putting Up a Fight

Midterms aren't a done deal yet

(Newser) - Democrats may be on the ropes, but a Republican takeover of the House is hardly a done deal, according to a state-by-state analysis from the New York Times . By now, Republicans had expected to have a variety of races already settled, but Democratic incumbents are proving more tenacious than... More »

In SD, It's 'Next Sarah Palin' Vs. the Dems' 'Mama Grizzly'

Sandlin may pay for Obama agenda

(Newser) - A fierce battle is brewing for South Dakota's sole House seat between the Democratic incumbent, Stephanie Herseth Sandlin, and Kristi Noem, a conservative challenger some have dubbed "the next Sarah Palin." Herseth Sandlin, who has held her seat since 2004, reflects the conservative values of her state—though... More »

Most of 34 Dem No-Voters Likely to Escape Payback

Only 3 health reform naysayers face serious primary challengers

(Newser) - Despite all the criticism labor groups and liberals lobbed at them after the House health care reform vote, most of the 34 Democrats who voted no actually don't have to worry about their own party's fury. In many cases it's too late to launch a feasible challenge to incumbents; in... More »

3 Stories