Lindsay Lohan white powder

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Cop Mistook LiLo's Coke for a Mint

He threw away white powder before realizing mistake

(Newser) - Combine “mysterious white substance” with “Lindsay Lohan” and what conclusions do you draw? Instead of the obvious, one California cop mistook the white powder—which he found on a folded Clinique sun care card in Lohan’s pocket during her 2007 DUI incident—for a crushed breath mint.... More »

Lilo, Photographer Defend Gun Photos as 'Art'

Plus, she and Sam feud on Twitter

(Newser) - They don't call her 'Linsanity' for nothing: Lindsay Lohan tweeted a picture of herself yesterday clad in black lingerie with a gun pressed against her lips. But don't worry: "It's not softcore porn, hunny, it's called ART," she explained. The photographer agrees, telling E! Online that she's "... More »

What's That White Powder on LiLo's Feet?

Plus: news outlets already writing her obituary

(Newser) - You hear “white powder” and “Lindsay Lohan” in the same sentence, your mind inevitably goes to one place. But even on Lilo, feet would be an odd place to find cocaine—so what was the white powder puffing out of her shoes on Saturday? PopEater has a blown-up... More »

3 Stories