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Drying Laundry Indoors Is Unhealthy

Can promote allergies, asthma: study

(Newser) - Got allergies or asthma? You may want to avoid drying your clothes inside your home: A study finds that many households suffer from too much moisture, and laundry is to blame for up to a third of the damp, the BBC reports. "Going into people's homes, we found... More »

Having Allergies Protects Against Cancer

The pollen that irks you could also be saving you

(Newser) - If pollen leaves you cursing your runny nose and itchy eyes each year, take solace in this upside: Allergy, asthma, and hay fever sufferers have significantly lower risks of developing many cancers. New studies show that asthmatics are 30% less likely to get ovarian cancer, while kids with airborne allergies... More »

Worst Pollen Year in a Long Time in US

(Newser) - Unusual weather this year, particularly a longer and colder than average winter in the Southeast, is causing record pollen levels throughout the US. The culprit is primarily tree pollen, particularly from oaks. The worst cities so far are: Knoxville, Tenn., followed by Louisville, Ky.; Chattanooga, Tenn.; Dayton, Ohio; and Charlotte,... More »

Ringtone Cures Hay Fever: Japanese Co.

'Ringtone therapy' with cellphones treats obesity, too

(Newser) - Japan has had multifunction smartphones longer than the rest of the world, but one feature is new even to the cellphone-loving Japanese: a ringtone that cures hay fever. The offering from Japan Ringing Tone Laboratory—which also sells a gizmo that purports to be a dog-to-human translator—is designed to... More »

4 Stories