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Star Trek Goes Boldly, Triumphs

JJ Abrams' latest wins over critics, if not Trekkies

(Newser) - Four years after he first thrilled audiences and annoyed hard core Trekkies with Star Trek, JJ Abrams is back with Star Trek Into Darkness, and critics are gushing over it, saying it's even more thrilling—and perhaps even more likely to annoy fans. More »

Zachary Quinto Comes Out of the Closet

'Mr. Spock' says gay teen's suicide filled him with 'despair'

(Newser) - Plagued by despair over a gay teenager's suicide, actor Zachary Quinto has come out as a gay man in a new magazine profile. The inheritor of the Mr. Spock role in "Star Trek" said the suicide of a bullied gay teen filled him with "indescribable despair,"... More »

10 More Celebs Who Really Need to Come Out

Like Ricky Martin, it's just so obvious

(Newser) - Ricky Martin finally came out, and the world said, “Duh.” On Gawker , Brian Moylan lists 10 more public figures who really need to admit they’re gay already—after all, the rest of us know. View the list in the gallery—or, for 10 more celebrities who also... More »

3 Stories