Aasif Mandvi

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GOP Official Quits After Daily Show Remarks

Don Yelton referred to 'lazy blacks' who want government help

(Newser) - On Wednesday night's Daily Show , a North Carolina county GOP official discussed new voter ID laws in the state—and his racially-charged comments have prompted his resignation, Politico reports. If a new measure hurts college students, whites, or "a bunch of lazy blacks that want the government to... More »

Stewart: TLC's Muslim Show 'Most Boring' Ever

There's nothing controversial about 'All-American Muslim'

(Newser) - A completely baffled Jon Stewart took to the airwaves last night to weigh in on the controversy over TLC's All American Muslim. It appears the Florida Family Association—which pushed Lowe's to pull its ads from the program —is unhappy with the show because it doesn't ... More »

Daily Show Proposes Two-State Solution—for US

It's the only way to stop this health care violence

(Newser) - The spate of violence and death threats that erupted in the wake of the health care bill’s passage have left us with only one choice: Let’s just split the country in two, India-Pakistan style. At least, that’s the satirical solution Aasif Mandvi put forth last night, in... More »

3 Stories