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Uranium Tech Could Open Easy Path to the Bomb

But GE says laser enrichment could help US energy security

(Newser) - Advances in uranium enrichment using lasers by General Electric could allow the US conglomerate to process reactor fuel by the ton—but security experts fear the technology could also allow rogue states and terrorist groups to make bomb fuel much more easily, in smaller plants that would be much harder... More »

Weird Facts About the Hadron Collider

It's both unimaginably hot and unimaginably cold

(Newser) - Now that the Large Hadron Collider is up and running again, Ross Bonander of AskMen unearths 5 scientific tidbits:
  • It's really, really cold: The system's magnets are cooled to -456°F, a bit chillier than deep outer space.
  • It's really, really hot: After those magnets do their stuff, the resulting
... More »

Key Iranian Nuclear Scientist Defects to US

CIA officials see 'intelligence coup' in Shahram Amiri

(Newser) - A key Iranian nuclear scientist who disappeared last year while on a pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia, in fact defected to the CIA, which has resettled Shahram Amiri in the US, sources tell ABC News . The sources call the defection “an intelligence coup” for the agency, which has long sought... More »

3 Stories