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'Absurd' Motion Asks Quebec Shopkeepers to Not Say 'Hi'

Resolution requesting use of 'bonjour' instead of English greeting passed 111-0

(Newser) - Quebec is all about preserving its French heritage. Unlike other provinces of Canada—which recognizes English and French as its official languages—Quebec has a watchdog agency dedicated to that goal, as well as strict laws making French the sole language of government, commerce, the judiciary, and the dominant language... More »

Without French Teacher, School Uses Rosetta Stone

Parents in Quebec district aren't thrilled

(Newser) - A Quebec mom recently noticed her 11th-grade son hadn't had any French homework lately, and when she asked him what was up, she was more than a little surprised at his reply. "Of course we don't have homework, we don't even have a teacher," Andrew... More »

France Says 'Non' to 'Hashtag'

But some complain new term 'mot-dièse' not right word

(Newser) - Au revoir, "hashtag." French language cops are striking the English word from their lexicon in favor of the francophone mot-dièse, reports the Local as picked up by Time . The Commission Générale de Terminologie et de Néologie is tasked with preserving the language, and similarly... More »

Cheeky British Pol: French Language Is Useless

Young people should be learning Chinese

(Newser) - Britain's former minister for Europe Chris Bryant—apparently feeling free to annoy the French now that his Labour party is out of power—described the French language as "useless" in a debate on language education yesterday. Young people, Bryant said, should be steered away from "useless modern foreign... More »

French Language Cops Go After English Slang

'Le buzz' might be 'le ramdam,' among others

(Newser) - A French panel has made its decision on a handful of English-based buzzwords it hopes to replace. Begone “le buzz” for Internet rumors; enter “le ramdam.” The winners, suggested by students, will be forwarded to the 18—18!—government committees that guard the language. If the... More »

5 Stories