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Balenciaga's $1K Bag Looks Just Like Its Free Paper Ones

The French designer also released a mock IKEA bag in April

(Newser) - Is French designer Balenciaga making fun of its wealthy clients, or does it just know a thing or two about brand loyalty? Whatever the case, the Sun reports the fashion house is selling a mock white paper shopping bag for £876, which works out to roughly $1,110, and... More »

Eco-Awareness Is In The (Reusable) Bag

From cheap to designer, totes help eliminate the plastic glut

(Newser) - Whether it's a designer tote bag with a three-figure price tag or a $5 carryall from the convenience store, Americans are slowly catching on to the European trend of answering the eternal question "paper or plastic" with "neither." Tote bags eliminate environmental stress, proclaim a consumer's eco-friendliness,... More »

2 Stories