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iPad Mini Is a Huge Hit

Reviewers love the pretty, tiny 4th-generation iPad

(Newser) - Reviews of Apple's recently announced iPad Mini are hitting the streets, and critics are almost universally swooning over the baby iPad. Here's a look at what they're saying:
  • Like pretty much everyone else, David Pogue, writing for the New York Times , loves the size. Not quite small
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iPad 2 Review: It's 'The Only Tablet'

Apple stays on top with upgrade

(Newser) - We know what you're wondering: Now that Apple's upgraded to the iPad 2, is it time to take the plunge? If you've already got the original iPad, do you need to trade up? Well, here's what tech experts are saying:
  • The upgrade—it’s a third thinner, 15% lighter, and
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What It's Like to Watch The Matrix on the iPad

Overall, it's pretty good, but not much better than a laptop

(Newser) - Before Dana Stevens gets to the good part—what it's like to watch a movie on the iPad—she had to settle on a film, specifically an "Oh, you really have to see that on the big screen" film. First choice Apocalypse Now wasn't on iTunes, and downloading The ... More »

IPad WiFi Is Weak, Users Complain

Apple advises them to move closer to their router

(Newser) - Those lucky few who have managed to buy an iPad are finding to their dismay that its wireless capabilities aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. Complaints over weak WiFi signals, dropped connections, and slow web browsing are flooding into Apple, ComputerWorld reports. As of this afternoon, a... More »

Stunning iPad's a 'Game-Changer'

Apple's touch-screen tablet's a winner

(Newser) - The revolutionary iPad's a winner that largely lives up to Apple's hype, according to overwhelmingly positive early reviews. The tablet computer could easily replace the laptop for users focused on consuming instead of creating content, and who can live without a mouse—and Flash, say reviewers.
  • The device is "
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5 Stories