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Pacific Fears Spread of Sorcery-Killings

Papua New Guinea brings back death penalty as countermeasure

(Newser) - A conference being held at Australia's National University generally would fly under the radar—but when the topic is witchcraft, the equation changes. What experts are talking about: The fear that sorcery-related violence could spread from Papua New Guinea to other parts of the Pacific. Time reports that deaths... More »

Accused Witch Burned Alive in Papua New Guinea

Despite scores of witnesses, no arrests have been made

(Newser) - The AP has a horrific story from Papua New Guinea, where a 20-year-old woman was tortured by a mob and then burned alive after being accused of witchcraft. Hundreds of bystanders watched, and some even photographed her death, but local police have yet to make a single arrest. Kepari Leniata,... More »

Saudi Arabia Takes Heat Over Beheading of 'Witch'

Amnesty International condemns move

(Newser) - It sounds like something out of the wrong century, but Amnesty International finds itself condemning Saudi Arabia for beheading a woman accused of being a witch. Amina bin Salem Nasser was decapitated yesterday after being convicted on charges of "witchcraft and sorcery," though the government didn't spell... More »

Abra Cadabra: The New Harry Potter

Soul-sucking horror for boy wizard in new trailer

(Newser) - Desperation, death, and soul-sucking chills. And that's just a taste of what our boy wizard is up against in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, flying to theaters Nov. 19 . The brand new theatrical trailer for the Warner Bros. film reveals a blacker black from director David Yates, heart-stopping evil... More »

Talk-Show 'Sorcerer' Wins Saudi Reprieve

Lebanese man dodges beheading—for now

(Newser) - A TV talk-show host condemned to die by beheading for "sorcery" by a Saudi court has won a reprieve. Officials, however, gave no indication that his sentence would be commuted, or that he would be released. Ali Hussain Sibat offered predictions and advice on a call-in program in Beirut... More »

Saudis to Behead TV Host as 'Sorcerer'

TV talk-show host boasted of predicting future

(Newser) - A Lebanese TV host who boasted he could predict the future is to be beheaded tomorrow in Saudi Arabia for "sorcery." Dad of two Ali Hussain Sibat hosted a popular call-in TV program in Beirut in which he doled out advice and predicted the future. He was busted... More »

6 Stories