Clash of the Titans

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11 Worst Abuses of 3D

Some things should just stay in two dimensions

(Newser) - 3D used to be innovative and fun on special occasions. Now it’s everywhere—even the Hangover sequel might be in 3D, and Sam Greenspan, for one, doesn’t want to “to pay extra money so I can see the unwieldy moist hairs of Zach Galifianakis's beard right up... More »

Date Night Conquers Titans

Fey-Carell vehicle wins down-to-the-wire weekend battle

(Newser) - Steve Carell and Tina Fey held off a challenge from a horde of 3D Greek gods as Date Night recorded a narrow preliminary victory over Clash of the Titans at the weekend box office, Variety reports. The mistaken-identity caper raked in $27.1 million to $26.9 million for the... More »

6 Totally Unnecessary Movie Remakes

Clash of the Titans was bad enough, but it gets worse

(Newser) - Sometimes you don’t even have to sit through a movie remake to wonder, Was this really necessary? Cary McNeal lists six do-overs that we definitely don’t need, on Café Mom :
  1. The Karate Kid: “They're remaking the 1984 classic. Which probably leaves you with the same question I
... More »

Clash of the Titans: Not Worth 3D Prices

3D can't save this soulless creature feature

(Newser) - In Clash Sam Worthington plays a half mortal hopelessly in love and stuck between two worlds. Sound familiar? This remake aims for Avatar, but falls short. Though it has expensive effects (3D!) and stars (Ralph Fiennes!), it even falls short of the cheerfully cheesy original.
  • This movie manages
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4 Stories