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MLB Reaches Deal to Avoid Strikes for 5 Years

Contract will make it 26 years of MLB peace

(Newser) - Baseball players and owners reached a tentative agreement on a five-year labor contract Wednesday night, a deal that will extend the sport's industrial peace to 26 years since the ruinous fights in the first two decades of free agency. After days of near round-the-clock talks, negotiators reached a verbal... More »

Top NBA Agent: Time to Boot Union Boss

Billy Hunter has 'put personal gain' first: Arn Tellem

(Newser) - Leading NBA agent Arn Tellem has penned a letter to his clients—who make up some 12% of the players' union—"imploring" them to kick out the head of their union. Billy Hunter, who has headed the union since 1996, recently faced a critical outside audit; Tellem says Hunter... More »

Unions Vow Revenge in Right-to-Work Fight

Laws headed for court battle, 2014 showdown

(Newser) - The battle has just begun over Michigan's newly passed right-to-work laws, labor leaders vowed today. Opponents of the law have already filed two lawsuits against it, the Detroit News reports, and they intend to make it the centerpiece of the 2014 election, which will see all the state's... More »

Twinkies Still Alive: Hostess, Union Agree to Talk

Bankruptcy judge tells them to enter mediation

(Newser) - Twinkies won't die that easily after all. Hostess Brands Inc. and its second largest union will go into mediation to try and resolve their differences, meaning the company won't go out of business just yet. The news came today after Hostess moved to liquidate and sell off its... More »

Wisconsin Recall Neck and Neck

Scott Walker leading in polls, but by thin margins, in high-stakes contest

(Newser) - Tomorrow, Wisconsinites will decide whether to keep Gov. Scott Walker or boot him in favor of Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, in what Chris Cillizza of the Washington Post is calling "the second most important and influential race of 2012 aside from the presidential," with "absolutely massive" stakes.... More »

Wisconsin Law Ravages Union Membership

'There's nothing the union can do anymore'

(Newser) - Scott Walker will learn Tuesday whether the anti-union law he championed was good politics, but if its goal was to cripple public unions, it's already an unqualified success. Wisconsin public union membership has plummeted, the Wall Street Journal reports. The state's American Federation of State, County, and Municipal... More »

Wisconsin Teachers Quit in Droves After Union Loss

Battered morale, bigger classes trigger retirements

(Newser) - In the wake of Wisconsin's political dust-up over collective bargaining this year, more teachers than ever there are calling it quits. Teachers are retiring at about double the usual rate rather than face battered morale, bigger classes, trimmed pay, greater health care costs, and more pay funneled into retirement... More »

Despite Money Woes, UC Gives $140M in Raises

Move designed to keep pace with union salaries

(Newser) - The University of California is in the midst of what’s advertised as its worst fiscal crisis ever, with lost state funds leading to tuition hikes and layoffs—but that’s not stopping it from handing out $140 million worth of merit-based raises, the San Francisco Chronicle reports. The raises... More »

Hyatt Turns Heat Lamps on Above Picketers

In Chicago ... during a heat wave ...

(Newser) - Things got extra heated during an employee strike outside a Hyatt hotel in Chicago yesterday, when a manager turned on 10 heat lamps that were hanging above picketers—and left them on for nearly an hour, reports the Chicago Tribune . "This is one of the hottest days of the... More »

Starring in Target's Anti-Union Training Film: Union Actors

Hey, it's just a job, says AFTRA member

(Newser) - Oh, Target: Perhaps it wasn't such a good idea to hire union actors for your anti-union employee training video. The video, which Gawker dubs “propaganda,” was created in 2003 but made headlines this week when that site made it publicly viewable for the first time. Now Salon... More »

Feds to Maine Gov: Rehang Mural or Repay Our Money

GOP gov took labor mural down after it was compared to N. Korea propaganda

(Newser) - When Maine Gov. Paul LePage decided to remove a 36-foot mural depicting the state's labor history from the state's Labor Department building, he didn't just tick off union leaders—he ticked off the federal government. The US Labor Department is demanding LePage put the mural back up, or else give... More »

Alaska GOP Lawmaker Introduces Anti-Union Bill

Measure designed to mirror Wisconsin's, says sponsor Carl Gatto

(Newser) - A Republican state representative in Alaska has introduced a bill that would strip many public employees of their right to collectively bargain for changes to their hours, benefits, or working conditions. If that sounds familiar, it’s because the bill is consciously designed to mimic the controversial one passed recently... More »

Fake 'Koch Brother' Dupes Scott Walker

Prankster calls up imitating powerful fundraiser

(Newser) - Scott Walker won’t take a call from the Democratic minority leader, but he’ll gladly make time for uber-fundraiser David Koch—or at least, someone he thinks is David Koch. Ian Murphy, editor of the Buffalo's Beast website, managed to get the Wisconsin governor on the phone in just... More »

Wisconsin Cops Look for Lawmakers Boycotting Vote

Democrats hold out in face of union-destroying vote

(Newser) - Police have been dispatched to track down 14 Wisconsin state senators who are boycotting a vote to strip government workers of their collective bargaining rights. Republicans have a 19-14 majority in the chamber, but can’t pass the controversial bill without at least one Democrat present, and all of them... More »

Unions to Pilots: Skip the Scan

'Our members are absolutely outraged'

(Newser) - Two of America’s biggest pilot unions are urging their members to refuse to submit to full-body scans when they go to work. They complain the machines are "intrusive" and could expose pilots to risky amounts of radiation over time. Those who refuse are subjected to pat-downs that were... More »

French Cops Force Open Blockaded Fuel Depot

Workers have been camped at site for 10 days

(Newser) - French riot police forced open a strategic fuel refinery today that had been a bastion of resistance to President Sarkozy's bid to raise the retirement age to 62, pushing striking workers aside with shields in a bid to end gasoline shortages. The operation came as the French Senate prepared to... More »

Public-Employees Union No. 1 Election Spender

1.6-million member AFSCME spends $87.5M on campaign

(Newser) - The American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees has become the biggest outside donor to the midterm elections, thanks to a last-minute push of funds to Democrats that brings its total election spending to $87.5 million, the Wall Street Journal reports. The organization, which boasts 1.6 million... More »

Labor Row Could Kill Hobbit Films

Peter Jackson warns union 'power grab' threatens NZ productions

(Newser) - Producer Peter Jackson has warned that a labor dispute could force him to shut down production of his two-movie Hobbit project or shift filming from New Zealand to eastern Europe. The Screen Actors Guild and six other unions have urged actors not to work on the films, saying that the... More »

Schwarzenegger Opposes Pot Legalization

Prop 19 would make state a 'laughingstock,' Governator writes

(Newser) - Arnold Schwarzenegger, who just last year called for debate on legalizing pot, has come out against Proposition 19, a ballot initiative that would do just that. “Any patrol officer, judge or district attorney will tell you that Proposition 19 is a flawed initiative that would bring about a host... More »

Pot Growers Join Teamsters Union

It's unclear how unionizing will help though

(Newser) - Medical marijuana growers have officially joined the ranks of organized labor—as part of the Teamsters. Almost 40 growers jointed the labor union earlier this month, the AP reports. All of them work for Marjyn Investments, an Oakland business that contracts out pot growth for patients. Thanks to their newly-negotiated... More »

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