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'Registered Genius' Says He's Made $1.1M Off Trump Fans

Donors are furious at PAC's apparent fundraising scheme

(Newser) - More than $1 million has been raised in the name of Donald Trump by a PAC—but zero dollars appear to have gone to help the GOP nominee, and donors are furious with the "registered genius" and "grape soda connoisseur" behind the setup, Politico reports. Ian Hawes is... More »

Facebook Starts a PAC

Social media firm aiming to buy some friends

(Newser) - Looks like the original social network is shopping for a political network: Facebook has filed paperwork to form a political action committee and it plans to use it to funnel donations to its favored candidates in upcoming elections, reports the New York Times . As debates about privacy and monopoly concerns... More »

Christine O'Donnell Starts a PAC

It's unclear what 'ChristinePAC' intends to do

(Newser) - Christine O’Donnell has taken her Sarah Palin mini-me act to its next logical level, filing paperwork to form a political action committee called ChristinePAC. The group will allow America’s favorite non-witch to remain involved in politics, much as SarahPAC does for Palin, the New York Times observes. It’... More »

Sharron Angle Starts Tea Party PAC for 2012

Patriot Caucus plans offices in primary battlegrounds

(Newser) - Sharron Angle revealed a PAC this weekend aimed at spreading the Tea Party message for 2012, Politico reports. Tea Party heads in 15 states back the Patriot Caucus, which, she said, will “organize a ground game across most battleground states.” It aims to have offices in four early-primary... More »

Tea Party Dropped $103K on Miller Strategy Cruises

Critics not happy with lavish accommodations

(Newser) - The Tea Party Express took to the high seas this past summer, spending $103,000 to send six political action committee staffers on four back-to-back cruises over seven weeks. Of course, they were working the whole time—strategizing for Alaska’s upset-winner Joe Miller while at sea, and holding press... More »

BP's Biggest Recipient of Cash: Obama

President tops the 20-year list with $77K

(Newser) - Much like the stain of its oil creeping across the Gulf of Mexico, BP's cash flowed freely to politicians inside the Beltway—to the tune of some $3.5 million over two decades, reports Politico in a look at where the oil giant's dollars went. Add to that the $15.... More »

Latest Steele Hire Bilked DC Group for $70K

New RNC fundraiser Neil Alpert was ordered to repay 'grandiose' expenses

(Newser) - Under fire for recent flaps over RNC spending, Chairman Michael Steele has hired a new “special assistant for finance”—and possibly walked into another gaffe. Neil S. Alpert, the 31-year-old wunderkind whose new job it will be to “help raise money” and “find new funds,”... More »

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