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Annie Leibovitz Snaps 68 Years of Royal Wedded Bliss

Pic taken by celebrity photographer of Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip released

(Newser) - Friday is Prince Philip's 95th birthday—a fitting day to see the release of the final Annie Leibovitz photo of his wife, Queen Elizabeth II, with him smiling sweetly by her side. The fourth photo of the queen in the Leibovitz four-photo series, commissioned to celebrate Elizabeth's 90th... More »

Lorde Tweets Name, Photo of Her 'Stalker'

Says she's 'scared' of Simon Runting

(Newser) - Seventeen-year-old musical phenom Lorde, not one to suffer fools , says a male paparazzo is stalking her. Among her tweets from last night, most accompanied by Simon Runting's photo and, in one case, a link to his Facebook page :
  • "this man has been stalking me, photographing me and refusing
... More »

Photogs Mistake 'Blondie,' 66, for Lindsay Lohan

Debbie Harry fools the paparazzi

(Newser) - Photographers clamored around Debbie Harry on Sunday as she left the Mercer Hotel, not because they are huge fans of her band Blondie, but because they believed the 66-year-old was actually Lindsay Lohan, age 25. A picture snapped of a platinum-haired Harry wearing aviator sunglasses does look startlingly similar to... More »

The Real Reason Annie Leibovitz Is Broke

Turns out no one really wants to buy her stuff

(Newser) - Despite earning $2 million a year from Vanity Fair, celebrity photographer Annie Leibovitz is in dire financial straits —how can this be? John Gapper explains in the Financial Times : No one is collecting her work. Despite shooting such iconic pictures as a naked and pregnant Demi Moore, or the... More »

Loan-Finder Firm Sues Leibovitz for $800K

Photog owes fee for $40M loan: company

(Newser) - An investment firm that claims it saved celebrity photographer Annie Leibovitz from financial ruin is now suing her for failure to pay the company $800,000 in service and finder fees. Brunswick Capital Partners wasn't paid after finding a private equity group to advance a $40 million loan to bail... More »

5 Stories