Angel Face: The True Story of a Student Killer

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Questions Foxy Knoxy Should Answer

A less-than-sympathetic journalist's dream interview

(Newser) - Amanda Knox was supposed to give a big jailhouse interview to coincide with her upcoming slander trial, but Italian officials canceled it at the last minute. Noted Knox hater Barbie Latza Nadeau was crestfallen, she writes for the DailyBeast , because she had a whole list of nasty questions she'd have... More »

How Foxy Knoxy Suckered America

US journalists were seduced by Amanda Knox's media machine

(Newser) - By the end of the Amanda Knox trial, the American media had been fully taken in by the soon-to-be-convicted murderer—but she didn't convince Barbie Latza Nadeau. In an excerpt from her upcoming book on the Daily Beast, Angel Face: The True Story of a Student Killer, Nadeau explains how... More »

2 Stories