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Knox's Memoir Contradicts Her Prison Diary

Diary, letters have a much calmer tone, finds the BBC

(Newser) - Amanda Knox's new book describes a traumatic , harrowing ordeal as she was imprisoned for four years for a murder she says she didn't commit—but in some cases, the memoir is at odds with earlier accounts she gave, such as letters she wrote and even her own diary,... More »

Amanda Knox: 'For All Intents, I Was a Murderer'

Freed convict opens up in interviews, new book

(Newser) - As Amanda Knox's new book hits the shelves, she's speaking to the media about the saga that saw her convicted of roommate Meredith Kercher's murder in Italy. Amid media scrutiny in the courtroom, "for all intents and purposes, I was a murderer—whether I was or... More »

Amanda Knox Scores $4M Book Deal

HarperCollins snags rights after auction

(Newser) - After a days-long bidding war, HarperCollins has obtained the rights to Amanda Knox's memoir in a $4 million deal, insiders tell the New York Times . Divisions of Random House, Macmillan, Simon & Schuster, and Penguin all reportedly bid on the book, which Knox says will be based in part... More »

Amanda Knox Likely to Net Millions in Deals

Time for payback

(Newser) - It's payback time for Amanda Knox. Those years in Italian prison will begin to ka-ching as the Seattle woman rakes in millions of dollars in book and movies deals and appearances. “Unlike Casey Anthony, who has essentially become public enemy No. 1 since her acquittal, Amanda Knox has... More »

Amanda Knox: I'm Trapped in 'Limbo'

New book dishes on her life behind bars

(Newser) - Excerpts from a new book provide a glimpse into Amanda Knox 's life "in limbo"—otherwise known as an Italian prison. The as-yet released book, Take Me With You, chronicles the convicted killer's life behind bars and her hopes for the future. "I miss my family. I... More »

Prison Turning 'Angel Face' Knox Into Tough Con

Ex-inmate's memoir offers glimpse of world behind bars

(Newser) - Prison has been no party for Amanda Knox , claims a new memoir written by a woman incarcerated with the killer. The book, Passeggiando con Amanda—'Walking with Amanda' —chronicles Knox's transformation from fresh-faced undergraduate to hardened prison vet over the course of her trial for the death of Meredith... More »

Amanda Knox: I Want to Adopt

New book says Foxy Knox also wants to be a writer

(Newser) - She hasn't exactly cultivated a maternal image, nor a resume most adoption agencies would drool over, but Amanda Knox tells an Italian lawmaker that she wants to adopt kids—you know, when she gets out of that whole prison thing. The lawmaker, Rocco Girlanda, is publishing a book, Take Me ... More »

How Foxy Knoxy Suckered America

US journalists were seduced by Amanda Knox's media machine

(Newser) - By the end of the Amanda Knox trial, the American media had been fully taken in by the soon-to-be-convicted murderer—but she didn't convince Barbie Latza Nadeau. In an excerpt from her upcoming book on the Daily Beast, Angel Face: The True Story of a Student Killer, Nadeau explains how... More »

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