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Chopper Video Is Latest Fight in US-Wikileaks War

Internet leak operation, feds at each others' throats

(Newser) - A chilling video showing US troops shooting down unarmed journalists and other civilians in Iraq and joking about it represents the latest face-off between the government and internet challenger Wikileaks. Officials of the news operation have complained about heavy-handed surveillance and other tactics by the feds, while the Pentagon accuses... More »

US Troops Fire on Civilians in Video, Official Confirms

2007 incident in Iraq likely killed Reuters photographer

(Newser) - A 2007 video that appears to show a US military helicopter firing on Iraqi civilians is indeed authentic, a Pentagon official tells MSNBC . It is likely the incident in which a Reuters photographer was killed; Wikileaks, the site that posted the video , said it came along with “supporting documents... More »

2 Stories