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That Giant Drain on Your Phone Battery? Facebook App

Holds true for iPhone, Android

(Newser) - Users of the Facebook mobile app have long complained that it drains smartphone battery life, even when it's not being used, and now it's been revealed just how true that is. Guardian journalist Samuel Gibbs recently conducted his own experiment and found that after deleting the Facebook app... More »

Facebook May Be Prepping 'Anonymity' App

App would let users interact on mobile devices without giving real names

(Newser) - Facebook may have been peeved about people not using their real names on its main site, but it's apparently willing to try out anonymity on mobile devices. The company is said to be working on a stand-alone app that would allow users to interact without having to provide their... More »

Facebook's New Buy Had Huge Security Hole

Face.com app's flaw allowed Facebook, Twitter hijacking

(Newser) - Facebook has made a new acquisition, snapping up Israeli facial recognition firm Face.com in a deal believed to be worth up to $100 million. But while Face.com's technology—which is already used to auto-tag photos on Facebook—has plenty of fans, its KLIK mobile app had a... More »

Soon, You Can Play Hunger Games on Facebook

'Hunger Games Adventures' coming to social networking site

(Newser) - Soon you'll be able to compete in the Hunger Games—sort of. A Facebook game based on the popular trilogy arrives March 23, the same day the first movie based on the books is released. But unlike in the Suzanne Collins novels, players in the Hunger Games Adventures won'... More »

Facebook Apps Actually Create Jobs—182K So Far

You waste time on them at work ... giving someone else a chance to work

(Newser) - Playing FarmVille may not make you an actual farmer—but it does help create some bona fide, albeit non-agricultural, jobs. A new study released today estimates that more than 182,000 jobs have been created because of Facebook applications. University of Maryland Business School researchers pegged the number of software-company... More »

Zynga's $1B IPO Mentions Facebook 200 Times

Filing makes clear that growth is tied to the site

(Newser) - Farmville may be booming, but the game's success hinges precariously in a co-op with Facebook. Zynga—the company behind the social-gaming phenomenon—filed for a $1 billion IPO today, and the language in the document mentions Facebook more than 200 times, points out Fast Company . It's a warning... More »

Huge Facebook Security Flaw Uncovered

100K apps leaked 'spare key' to advertisers ... for years

(Newser) - A major security flaw left the accounts of Facebook users exposed for years before it was fixed, security firm Symantec says. Around 100,000 Facebook applications accidentally shared users' access tokens—described as a "spare key" to the account that allow the apps to do things like post info... More »

Facebook Dumps Breakup Notifier

Despite having millions of users, Facebook deems app 'spammy'

(Newser) - Cyberstalking just got a little bit harder: Facebook yesterday pulled the plug on the exploding Breakup Notifier app, which racked up more than 3.6 million users since it was released on Monday. In an email to app creator Dan Loewenherz, the Facebook powers-that-be wrote that "to ensure positive... More »

'Breakup Notifier' App Keeps Tabs on Unavailable Friends

New app will alert you when your beloved becomes single

(Newser) - It's tough to keep tabs on all those Facebook friends—who has the time to constantly check the status of a bunch of currently-taken potential lovers, waiting to pounce as soon as you notice that “In a Relationship” has changed to “Single”? Well, thanks to programmer Dan... More »

Facebook Pauses Phone, Address Sharing

It will be back, but only if you want it, says rep

(Newser) - You can breathe easier: Facebook won’t be sharing your phone numbers and addresses with third-party applications—at least, not just yet. After the company’s announcement of the new feature generated yet another privacy uproar, a director wrote on Facebook’s developer blog that it will put the feature... More »

Facebook Now Lets Apps Grab Your Address, Phone Number

Analysts fear benefits for 'rogue' applications

(Newser) - Facebook is making users' addresses and cell phone numbers available to third-party developers, the site announced Friday on its blog . Users who accept the terms and conditions attached to a Facebook app while downloading it will be letting that app's makers see their contact information if they’ve posted it... More »

Urban Sprawl: CityVille Tops FarmVille

Zynga's monster logs 72.5M uniques in its first month

(Newser) - Zynga is officially taking over the planet, having converted millions of functioning human beings into game-playing zombies in the first month of its latest release alone, reports TechCrunch . CityVille, oddly reminiscent of the Sims, has logged a whopping 72.5 million monthly unique visitors since its launch Dec. 2—eclipsing... More »

Facebook App Identifies Non-Voters, Nags Them

Democrats in California using it in get-out-the-vote push

(Newser) - Democrats in California who tend to skip Election Day may be getting a nagging reminder to vote from an unlikely source—their Facebook friends. The party is using a new app that scours a user's list of friends, identifies registered Democrats who don't actually vote a lot, and encourages the... More »

Congress Has Some Questions for Zuckerberg

Two representatives get involved in the latest privacy breach

(Newser) - Congress is getting involved in the latest Facebook privacy snafu. Following Monday’s revelation that many popular Facebook apps are transmitting identifying information to dozens of companies, two House members are asking the social networking site for more information about how applications handle user details. Facebook has until Oct. 27... More »

Vaseline Offers Facebook App to Whiten Skin in Photos

It's pushing creams for men in India

(Newser) - Our PhotoShopped world: A new Facebook app offered by Vaseline in India lets people whiten their skin in their photos to see how they'd look in a lighter shade. The company is pushing a line of skin whitening creams for men and using Bollywood actor Shahid Kapur as pitchman, reports... More »

Google Plans 'Facebook Killer'

Search giant rumored to be trying social networking again

(Newser) - A single tweet from Digg co-founder Kevin Rose hinting at a Google challenger to Facebook has opened the floodgates of speculation about what a Google social network, aka "Google Me," would look like. Most focus on Google profiles, a service that establishes a small profile that comes up... More »

Soon, Facebook Will Know Where You Are

Social networking site readies location-based technology

(Newser) - The latest evidence Facebook is trying to take over the world: The site will soon launch geolocation applications, directly competing with Foursquare and other location-based social networks. What does that mean for you? Soon, telling all your friends you’re at McDonald’s will be even quicker and easier. Mickey... More »

Apple Axes iPad Facebook App

Similar iPhone apps still available, maverick creator notes

(Newser) - A popular application allowing easy Facebook use on the iPad has already been jettisoned from the Apple Store for "copyright violations." Facebook Ultimate, which sells for $2.99, was already among the top 10 highest selling apps when Apple axed it. A spokesman for Facebook, which hasn't gotten... More »

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