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Flier Checks Single Can of Beer as Only Luggage

'He's won the internet'

(Newser) - Dean Stinson—as Perth Now reports—says it was the greatest moment of his life: seeing his single can of Emu Export beer arriving safe and sound at baggage claim. "There she was, alone on the carousel proudly making her way around," he tells Unilad . "It was... More »

Husband's Entrails Found in Woman's Checked Bag

Legally, it turns out

(Newser) - On Sept. 8, a 35-year-old Moroccan woman's bag was randomly checked upon her arrival in Graz, Austria. What was inside was "absolutely secure, triple wrapped, according to European Union norms," per a pathologist. Yes, pathologist: The New York Times reports the woman was carrying a four-inch piece... More »

TSA Glitch Causes 3,000 Bags and Counting to Miss Flights Thursday

It's unclear when the problem will get fixed

(Newser) - The TSA says it is still experiencing delays in its checked bag screening system at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, which has resulted in more than 3,000 bags missing flights so far. TSA spokesperson Nico Melendez says the technical issue began about 6:45am Thursday. There's no estimate... More »

New Rule: No E-Cigs in Checked Bags

FAA, DOT say they're a fire hazard

(Newser) - The DOT Monday announced what calls an "air safety twist": letting airline passengers carry their e-cigarettes into the cabin in their carry-on bags or on their person, but banning the devices in checked luggage. The agency's Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration, in conjunction with the... More »

Flier Gets Back Stolen Laptop Via Craigslist

It was swiped from her checked luggage with Southwest

(Newser) - A Southwest passenger whose laptop was stolen from a checked bag got it back with a handy bit of detective work. After Ambre Boroughs discovered her laptop bag was laptop-less, she complained to the airline only to find she was out of luck, reports NBC Chicago . She then searched on... More »

Airline Bag Fees Hit $400

At least for an overweight international bag on some airlines

(Newser) - How crazy have airline baggage fees gotten? Well, checking an overweight (that's a 71- to 100-pound) bag will now cost you a whopping $400 on most Continental Airlines international flights. And Continental isn’t alone either, according to a survey of major carriers by USA Today ; United Airlines also... More »

Airlines' 2010 Checked-Bag Haul: $3.4B

They raked in billions more in reservation and change fees

(Newser) - You may want to take a deep breath before reading this one: Airlines collected a whopping $3.4 billion in baggage fees last year, up 24% from 2009. Reservation and change fees accounted for an additional $2.3 billion, down 3% from the year prior. The add-ons are one of... More »

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