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Cherokees Sue: CVS, Walmart 'Flooded' Them With Opioids

Cherokee Nation files complaint against 6 companies in tribal court over Okla. 'epidemic'

(Newser) - Native American communities experience some of the highest substance-abuse rates in the US: Babies are born addicted to prescription drugs due to exposure in utero, while Native American high school students take OxyContin at much higher rates than other teens, per NPR . Now the Cherokee Nation is fighting back in... More »

Study: Cherokee's Struggles Visible in Their Skulls

Researchers review changes in skulls' measurements during stressful times

(Newser) - It turns out the Trail of Tears didn't just affect the Cherokee people's spirits. A new study by North Carolina State University and University of Tennessee researchers has found that their struggles actually reshaped their skulls. The research was reliant on research done long before the present day,... More »

Biological Dad Gives Up on 'Baby Veronica'

He says she shouldn't be in the center of a court fight

(Newser) - After nearly four years of legal battles that went all the way to the Supreme Court —and then kept going—the "Baby Veronica" saga came to an end today, as the girl's biological father announced that he was ending all litigation in the case. "I cannot... More »

Supreme Court Rules for Indian Girl's Adopted Parents

Lower court had returned Veronica to Cherokee dad

(Newser) - The Supreme Court sided with a South Carolina couple today in a contentious adoption battle. Matt and Melanie Capobianco cared for baby Veronica since birth, until a family court ordered her returned to her biological father, Dusten Brown, at the end of 2011 when she had just turned 2; the... More »

Native American Mag Rips 'Ugly' Brown 'War Whoops' Rally

'Mocking' dig against Warren heritage sparks uproar

(Newser) - A native American news magazine has slammed the "ugly side" and "racist imagery" of the Scott Brown Senate campaign after staffers were caught on video yelling out " war whoops " and making "tomahawk chops" with their hands. Their target was the Cherokee heritage of Senate candidate... More »

US to Cherokee: You Can't Kick Blacks Out of Tribe

Oh yes we can, say tribal leaders

(Newser) - The leaders of the Cherokee Nation are scoffing at a notice from the Bureau of Indian Affairs telling it that it cannot kick 2,800 black people out of the tribe. “The Cherokee Nation will not be governed by the BIA,” Acting Chief Joe Crittenden said in a... More »

6 Stories