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Woman Discovers Kidney Was Removed, Accuses Husband

Wife says she thought she was having appendicitis surgery

(Newser) - An Indian man is in police custody after allegedly stealing one of his wife's kidneys to serve as a dowry. When she complained of stomach pain two years ago, Rita Sarkar, 28, says her husband arranged a visit to a private nursing home in Kolkata, where the couple stayed... More »

After Donating a Kidney, This Medical Student Now Regrets It

'I am angry that I was never fully informed of the lack of research'

(Newser) - When he was 18, Michael Poulson did something that is undeniably selfless and brave: He donated a kidney to his stepfather's brother. Eight years later, both men are doing fine. But Poulson is now a medical student, and in an essay at the Washington Post , he writes that he... More »

4 People Meet for First Time After Kidney Swaps

It was an emotional meeting for Connecticut group

(Newser) - Four people have met for the first time since a pair of kidney swaps at a Connecticut hospital. The Hartford Courant reports the family of 3-year-old Jeremy Orellana, as well as Fred Ferris, Beth Mix, and Julissa Canales, had an emotional meeting for the first time on Wednesday following the... More »

Study Delivers More Bad News for Meat Lovers

Grilling meat, even chicken, boosts kidney cancer risk: study

(Newser) - The blows just keep on coming for carnivores. On the heels of the news that bacon is apparently a carcinogen and hot dogs contain human DNA comes this: A new study finds that people who eat more grilled meat are at a higher risk of kidney cancer. And not just... More »

Behind Man's Kidney Failure: Excess of Iced Tea

16 glasses a day is probably not a good idea

(Newser) - A man's kidney failure has been linked to his excessive iced tea habit—but don't worry, you're probably not approaching the danger zone. The 56-year-old Arkansas man was drinking 16 glasses of the stuff daily, amounting to a gallon every day, the AP reports. Black tea contains... More »

Woman Finds Kidney Donor —via Plea on Car Window

Maine man responds to woman's plea, is a match

(Newser) - It's not everyone who appeals to strangers they pass on the road to give them an organ, and it's definitely not everyone who spots such an appeal, turns to his wife, and says, "Did you get her number? Text her right now." But two such strangers... More »

Girl With 3 Legs to Have 2 Removed

Born a conjoined twin, the toddler's sister died when they were separated

(Newser) - With three legs all to herself, a 22-month-old toddler from Panama will next month undergo a major surgery at Shriners Hospitals for Children Los Angeles to remove the two that don't work. Ana Paula was born a conjoined twin, with not just three legs but three kidneys and potential... More »

What's Killing Central America's Young Men?

Researchers try to explain widespread kidney disease

(Newser) - Kidney disease is ravaging Central America, and researchers aren't sure what's causing it. Thousands of sugarcane field workers have died of chronic kidney disease, or CKD, in recent years, the Verge reports. While CKD affects more than 20 million in the US, here it's most prevalent in... More »

5-Foot 'Snow Kidney' May Have Found Man a Donor

Jim Gorbunow thought sculpture would get him some attention

(Newser) - Jim Gorbunow is thinking outside the box when it comes to finding a kidney donor: To draw attention to his plight, the Minnesota man built a 5-foot snow sculpture of a kidney in his front yard last week ... and named it "Kevin." Gorbunow's brother helped him build... More »

Study: Pay People $10K to Donate Kidneys

It would save money, ease waiting list, say researchers

(Newser) - It sounds at first blush like the ultimate in crass capitalism, but a new study suggests that paying people $10,000 to donate a kidney would actually cut down on health care costs in the long run, ease waiting lists, and improve the lives of patients, reports NBC News . The... More »

Kidney Transplant Patient Marries His Donor

Kyle Froelich, Chelsea Clair a good match in more ways than one

(Newser) - Kyle Froelich's kidneys were failing, and he'd been waiting for a good match—little did he know what his plight would bring him. He met Chelsea Clair in 2009; she'd heard about him, and almost immediately decided to give him her kidney. Froelich, then 19, and Clair,... More »

Man Walks Streets to Find Kidney for Wife, Succeeds

Donor comes forward after hearing of SC man's devotion

(Newser) - A devoted husband's determination to find the new kidney his wife desperately needed has paid off. Larry Swilling, 78, walked hundreds of miles around South Carolina over the last year with a sandwich board reading "Need Kidney 4 Wife." He says a donor has finally come forward,... More »

Scientists 'Grow' Kidney in Lab

Engineered rat kidneys a step toward helping humans

(Newser) - In a breakthrough with the potential to save many thousands of lives, scientists have "grown" a kidney that produced urine both in the lab and after being transplanted into a rat. The new kidneys were created by stripping old kidneys of their cells and pumping the remaining "scaffold"... More »

Guy Finds Chicken Kidney in His KFC

Chain apologizes for 'unsightly' mix-up

(Newser) - In case you needed a reason to cut down on fast food: A 19-year-old in the UK found what appeared to be a chicken brain in a piece of fried chicken, the Sun reports. But, hey, it's not so bad, because experts later determined it was probably just a... More »

Insurers Shun Guy Who Donated Kidney

Radburn Royer finds helping his daughter was more expensive than he thought

(Newser) - Thinking about donating a kidney to a friend or loved one in need? Well, it might cost more than you think. The New York Times talked to a few donors who said that private insurers wouldn't touch them after the operation, even though they were otherwise healthy and had... More »

Facebook Is a Great Place to Find a Kidney

One study finds one in eight Facebook pleas successful

(Newser) - People are increasingly turning to social media to search for kidney donors—and it turns out Facebook is actually a pretty great place to find one. In a study of almost 100 Facebook pages set up for the purpose, researchers found that nearly one-third had potential donors step forward to... More »

Kidney Gets Donated—Twice

Surgeons recycle organ being rejected by first recipient

(Newser) - It turns out you can recycle just about anything these days—even kidneys and other organs donated for transplants. In what is believed to be the first documented case of its kind in the US, a transplanted kidney that was failing was removed from a patient while he was still... More »

I Donated a Kidney, and You Should Too

It's a big deal for the recipient, but not for the donor: Jim Sollisch

(Newser) - "Most of us are walking around with a pretty impressive spare part," writes Jim Sollisch, one that 90,000 people are in the market for—a kidney. Sollisch is at 53% kidney function after donating his "spare part" to a co-worker, and will eventually hit 65%—only... More »

Need a Kidney? Ask on Facebook

More kidney requests popping up on social media sites

(Newser) - People who once sought kidneys through word of mouth or church bulletins are finding a new forum: Facebook. The website has fulfilled at least three kidney requests as many more are popping up across social media sites, the AP reports. One plea came from Seattle father Damon Brown, who was... More »

Teen Sells Kidney for iPad 2

Chinese boy, 17, received about $3K for organ

(Newser) - What would you do for an iPad 2? Probably not what one Chinese teen did: The 17-year-old boy sold one of his kidneys for about $3,000 so he could afford the device. The teen confessed to his mother after arriving home with "a laptop and a new Apple... More »

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