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Teacher's 'Joke' Spelling of 'Hillary Clinton' Upsets Parents

Mary Reinard wanted help with addressing an envelope from teacher Benjamin Attinger

(Newser) - A Pennsylvania middle school teacher is in hot water over his spelling of "Hillary Clinton," and no, Benjamin Attinger didn't forget an "L." The Daily Item reports the Shikellamy Middle School teacher was asked by 6th-grade student Mary Reinard for help in sending a letter... More »

One Letter on 2 Road Signs Causes Grief for Calif. Officials

Misspelling of 'Del Rey Oaks' on Highway One signage will be expensive to fix

(Newser) - Grammar gurus may well know "i before e except after c," but "a instead of e" is what has California Department of Transportation officials smacking their heads. Two new road signs were erected along Highway One in Sand City earlier this month, both alerting drivers to Exit... More »

Tiniest of Typos Looms Large on College Billboard

Yep, apostrophes matter, as the University of South Dakota has discovered

(Newser) - A University of South Dakota billboard erected east of Sioux Falls on Interstate 90 boasts that it's the "Best in the Dakota's," adding an apostrophe that shouldn't be there, the Argus Leader reports. The director of the university's marketing department tells the Leader that... More »

Romney's Latest Typo: Ronald 'Regan'

Former president of 'Amercia'

(Newser) - Remember Ronald Regan? You know, the president of the United States of Amercia during the '80s? The Romney campaign's fourth known misspelling comes via a chart comparing various presidents' approval ratings during May of their reelection years, posted on BuzzFeed . So far, no misspellings on Romney's offical... More »

It's Typo No. 3 for Romney

Get your 'offical' gear here

(Newser) - Amercia: Land of those free to make spelling errors. And no one seems to be illustrating that point better as of late than Team Romney, which is getting fresh flak for yet another typo, this one fairly prominently made on its 1.8 million-likes-strong Facebook page. The oops was picked... More »

School Spells Own Name Wrong for Years

A Fort Worth elementary school had one too many i's

(Newser) - They may teach little kids their ABCs, but for the past nine years a school in Texas has misspelled its own name. The Sunrise Elementary School in Fort Worth added McMillian to its title in 2003 to honor its first teacher. But it turns out Mrs. McMillan did not possess... More »

How Google's 'Autocorrect' Can Save Your Spelling

Microsoft Word's spell-check: A thing of the past?

(Newser) - Love how Google suggests the right spelling when you type in a search? You're not alone. "Over the past five years, Web browsers have become better at spelling than most humans," writes Will Oremus in Slate . Browsers are even better than Microsoft Word's spell-check, because they... More »

UNC Journalism School Ditches Spelling Test

School bows to technology

(Newser) - You can stop studying those dictionaries, prospective journalism students at UNC, because the school has finally acknowledged the existence of spell check. The University of North Carolina school of journalism has officially retired the spelling portion of the spelling and grammar test all students must take, reports the Daily Tar ... More »

Vietnam Vets: Fix Memorial's Misspelled Name

Their ally wasn't called 'Shephen'

(Newser) - A pair of Vietnam veterans have a problem with the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington: It lists their ally, Stephen Hiett Phillips, as "Shephen." "One doesn't honor a person by misspelling their name," says one member of Phillips' regiment. The mistake appears to be the... More »

Fox, MSNBC Full of Obama/Osama Slip-Ups

Fox begins using 'Usama' spelling; celebs tweet reactions to news

(Newser) - A single-letter screw-up at Fox has Twitter abuzz. An affiliate station in Sacramento announced to viewers: “Obama Bin Laden Dead,” Metro reports. The station shrugged off the gaffe as an easy slip-up, pointing to other stations that have made similar errors—including another of its affiliates, whose anchor... More »

'Rich Whitey' Appears on Chicago Ballots

Misspelling of Rich Whitney's name to be corrected

(Newser) - A certain “Rich Whitey” is running for governor of Illinois—or so the ballots have it. Thousands of electronic voting machines, including about 500 currently being used for early voting, contain a misspelling of Green Party hopeful Rich Whitney’s last name, the AP reports. “We don't have... More »

Murkowski Campaign Has Trouble Spelling Her Name

Maybe Karl Rove was right about Alaskans, after all

(Newser) - So Karl Rove may or may not have been kidding when he doomed Lisa Murkowski's write-in campaign because of Alaskans' inability to spell her name, but he might be onto something if her own campaign is any indication. Ben Smith of Politico points to a screenshot of Murkowski's latest ad... More »

Player Debuts 'San Francicso' Giants Jersey

'I didn't know,' says player Eugenio Velez of spelling snafu

(Newser) - Outfielder Eugenio Velez made his season debut yesterday when his San Francicso Giants took on and beat the Houston Astros. That’s right—Velez played the whole game blissfully unaware that his jersey pegged him as a player from some mythical, misspelled version of the City by the Bay. “... More »

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