iPhone OS 4

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Peeved Apple Bars Gizmodo From iPhone Unveiling

Tech blog will still live blog the event—sort of

(Newser) - Steve Jobs has found his sweet revenge: Gizmodo's request to attend today's super-high-profile Worldwide Developers Conference—in which Jobs is expected to unveil the new iPhone that Gizmodo leaked —has been met with radio silence from Apple, leading the tech blog to make the awkward choice of creating a... More »

Google Chrome Spells Doom for Apple

Look to browser wars for lesson in path to niche irrelevance

(Newser) - Apple doesn't seem to realize it, but its new hardware-software gadget strategy is a road right back to the irrelevancy it so recently crawled out of, argues Henry Blodget of Business Insider . As before, Apple will prevail only in the small, premium market, muscled out by a more ubiquitous standard.... More »

New iPhone Worth Waiting For

Features on 4GS prototype mean you shouldn't buy an iPhone until June

(Newser) - Thinking about buying an iPhone? The features on the 4G prototype lost in a bar by an Apple worker means you should think about waiting until it goes on sale in June or July, urges Dan Frommer at Business Insider . The new iPhone appears to have an improved camera and... More »

New iPhone OS Allows Multitasking*

*As long as you aren't using an iPhone 3G

(Newser) - iPhone OS 4 will at long last allow iPhone users to multitask—as long as they’re using the latest version of the device. Just double-click the home button and you’ll see a list of apps you can switch between. It’s not precisely true multitasking—apps can only... More »

4 Stories