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7 Cursed Oscar Couples

They broke up within a year of an Academy Award win

(Newser) - Winning an Oscar is great ... but for these couples, rounded up by People , it was followed by the demise of their relationship less than a year later:
  • George Clooney and Stacy Keibler: As a co-producer of Argo, Clooney won Best Picture last year—five months later, he and Keibler broke
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La Mission a Labored Labor of Love

For 'Law & Order' star Benjamin Bratt, film is a family affair

(Newser) - La Mission's heart is in the right place: in the Mission neighborhood of San Francisco, where star Benjamin Bratt and director Peter Bratt grew up. The brothers' good intentions have led them to create a film with some pluses and an abundance of minuses that somehow aren't deal-breakers for most... More »

2 Stories