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Husband's Post About Curvy Wife Backfires

Robbie Tripp probably wasn't expecting this

(Newser) - An Instagram post about his wife's beauty did not go the way Robbie Tripp likely thought it would. The self-described entrepreneur and "husband to a curvy goddess" posted a picture of himself and his bathing-suit clad wife Sarah to Instagram last week, where he explained that though he... More »

Stressed Guys Dig Heavier Ladies

New study finds stress level has affect on preferences

(Newser) - You might think a guy's attraction to curvy women might be hard-wired, but a new study finds that stress actually has something to do with the body type he finds attractive. When put in stressful situations, the men in the study found heavier women more attractive and found a... More »

Hip Fat Messes With Memory

Study links extra weight to forgetfulness in older women

(Newser) - Fat makes women more forgetful, a new study suggests. Researchers found that carrying extra weight negatively affects memory and that "pear-shaped" women—as opposed to "apple shaped"—are hardest hit. The study of more than 8000 post-menopausal women found that for every one-point increase in a woman's... More »

In Recession, Curves Are Beautiful

Tough times add weight to Americans' ideal beauty

(Newser) - During recessions, Americans’ idea of female beauty has more curves. That’s according to a pair of studies, which compared the waist, bust and other measurements of popular actresses and Playboy Playmates to yearly economic data. And in down cycles, the extra few inches associated with maturity and strength are... More »

4 Stories