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Suit: Google, YouTube Had Quotas for 'Diversity Candidates'

Arne Wilberg says recruiters were discouraged from working to hire white, Asian men

(Newser) - A former YouTube employee is suing parent company Google, for which he worked for a total of nine years, alleging that he was fired for refusing to adhere to hiring practices that discriminated against white and Asian males. Per the Wall Street Journal , Arne Wilberg served as a Google recruiter... More »

Feds Accuse Oracle of Paying White Men More

And of favoring Asians for tech roles: DOL lawsuit

(Newser) - Oracle provides contracting services for the feds via its cloud computing software, resulting in "hundreds of millions" of dollars in government contracts, per a Labor Department release. That means the tech company has to adhere to federal nondiscriminatory hiring practices, which a DOL lawsuit announced Wednesday says has not... More »

To Land a Job Here, It's a 15-Hour Interview

Your body language gets special scrutiny

(Newser) - Considering a job at Appster? Sure! Just send in your résumé, spend an average of 15 hours interviewing, and score in the top 5% worldwide on competency tests, and maybe you'll get hired. Fortune reports the Australian app-development company re-engineered its approach after calculating that only about half... More »

Résumés, Cover Letters Are Awful Relics

Looking at credentials tends to bias us, lead to bad hires, Jesse Singal argues

(Newser) - Odds are pretty good that you hate cover letters and résumés. Pretty much everyone does, applicants and employers alike. And they should, for more reasons than you realize, writes Jesse Singal at New York . "It’s time for the résumé and the cover letter to die,... More »

SAT Scores May Count ... in Your 40s

Companies asking job candidates for their scores, even into middle age

(Newser) - Even if you have gray hair and can't really remember taking the SATs, your scores could still come back to haunt you. The Wall Street Journal finds that companies are asking job candidates for their scores even into middle age. College entrance exam scores, says a recruitment head at... More »

China Regulator Asked JPMorgan for Hiring 'Favor'

Bank gave job to official's family friend

(Newser) - With JPMorgan Chase facing scrutiny over its hiring in China, the New York Times is raising questions about a worker who is a family friend of a Chinese insurance regulator. In June 2012, when JPMorgan was looking for work with Chinese insurance firms, CEO Jamie Dimon met with the regulator,... More »

Sorry Ladies, Frat Brothers Run Wall Street

Bloomberg reveals 'fraternity pipeline' that boosts brothers

(Newser) - The finance industry isn't just dominated by men. It's run by frat brothers who use a "fraternity pipeline" to push their brothers forward over other job candidates, Bloomberg reports. In an investigation, it reveals how bankers help out their buddies, including one case in which an Alpha... More »

Gay HR Director Sues Boss for Pro-Gay Bias

Jamie Ardigo says boss boasted about only hiring gays, beautiful women

(Newser) - In one of the stranger discrimination lawsuits in recent memory, a gay man is suing his straight former boss over an alleged pro-gay hiring bias. Jamie Ardigo says he was fired as HR director of venture capitalist Christopher Burch's company after trying to change its hiring practices. Ardigo tells... More »

What Job-Seekers Shouldn't Post on Facebook

...and what employers want to see

(Newser) - We’ve all heard the horror stories of Facebook profiles that keep people from being hired. Indeed, 91% of employers screen potential employees using the service, a survey finds. So just what is it, exactly, that employers don’t want to see? The survey , by online reputation-protection service Reppler , reveals... More »

Feds: Company Has Glass Ceiling—Against Men

Lawsuit accuses Puerto Rico firm of promoting only women

(Newser) - A little role reversal on the job-discrimination front: The US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission accuses a Puerto Rican jewelry and beauty products company of hiring only women for managerial jobs. In its federal lawsuit, the agency says Ventura Corporation repeatedly discriminated against men from 2004 through at least 2008 by... More »

More Hospitals Refuse to Hire Smokers

Puffing on a cigarette can be grounds for dismissal

(Newser) - A new trend in hospital jobs: Smokers need not apply. In what some call “tobacco-free hiring,” medical businesses are refusing employment to smokers, insisting on blood tests for nicotine along with applications, the New York Times reports. The policy—which, the Times notes, treats a legal habit like... More »

Sometimes 'Hot' Is in the Job Description

Outrage over retail hiring practices is 'overblown'

(Newser) - American Apparel and Abercrombie & Fitch have come under fire lately for, apparently, employing only hot people. “Wait—you want people who look good in your clothes to sell them? Oh, the injustice! All the plain people will have to work at Radio Shack!” gasps Mary Elizabeth... More »

Why I'm Done With American Apparel

One longtime fan has had enough of the skeevy sexism

(Newser) - Emma Silvers has had “a conflicted, guilt-ridden love affair” with American Apparel since the first time she encountered its “baffling dresses that claimed to be 14 styles in one” and its “endearing insistence that gold lamé was an appropriate material for a swimsuit.” The company's “... More »

American Apparel Hires Must Pass the Ugly Test

Head office asks for head-to-toe pics of all applicants

(Newser) - Resumés come a distant second to looks when retail giant American Apparel is making decisions about hiring and firing, an insider tells Gawker . Under a new policy, store managers are required to submit head-to-toe photos of all job applicants as well as those in line for a promotion or... More »

Tech Companies' Hiring Practices Under Scrutiny

Justice Department thinks they might violate antitrust laws

(Newser) - Some of the nation's biggest tech companies have a gentleman's agreement on hiring: Generally speaking, they don't try to steal each other's best employees. After a yearlong investigation, the Justice Department is poised to challenge the practice on the notion that it violates antitrust laws and deprives computer engineers of... More »

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